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When you are doing a layup, you go toward the basket. I'm sorry don't know what you mean.

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Q: Can you change direction while you are on layup?
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Can you change direction while u do layup?

yeah but its really hard to do for beginners why not try the switch hand layup i think thats what you mean

If you are foulded while shooting a layup how many shot do you get?

you get two free throws

Why does the change in the speed of light change its direction while in water?

The direction is changed to minmize the time. Fermat's worked this out.

Series of steps on how to do a layup?

you just do a layup man

Do you have to dribble for a layup?


What helps bird to change direction while flying?

Usually the bird will naturally be able to change direction at their own times, but sometimes the wind will help.

What is a driving layup in basketball?

It's called a driving layup, nothing else.

What are 3 ways velocity can change while riding a bike?

Velocity can change three ways when riding a bike. Change in speed s, change in direction d and change in speed and direction (s,d).

How do blobfish move?

they use their fins to steer while swimming and to change direction

How blobfish move?

they use their fins to steer while swimming and to change direction

How far is a layup from the basket?

A layup is when you are very close to the basket when you shoot the ball. I would say a player would be 3 feet or less from the basket when they shot a layup.

What is term used to describe the rate of an objects movement?

Speed is the rate of movement in any direction based on change in position for a change in time. Velocity is a change in speed. It is also a change in direction while the speed does not have to change.

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