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Yes, but very few such as too many men on the field and illegal forward pass.

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Q: Can you challenge a penalty in the NFL?
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When was NFL Challenge created?

NFL Challenge was created in 1985.

When did NFL Challenge happen?

NFL Challenge happened in 1985.

What is the penalty in the NFL for an illegal substitution?

According to the NFL rulebook, illegal formations, motions and substitutions all carry a five-yard penalty.

How do you get penalty points in an NFL game?

There are no points for penalties in an NFL game.

Is there a penalty for using your helmet when tackling an NFL quarterback?

15 yards is the penalty for spearing.

What is the penalty for illegal substitution in the NFL?

I think it is loss of down or a 10 yard penalty.

Is it a penalty to hurdle another player in the NFL?

No it is not.

Is there a penalt if you challenge a call when you dont have one?

no you will not get a penalty if you challenge a call when you don't have one, they will just tell you

How do you make Ben Roethlisberger in NFL street for NFL challenge?

You Cant

Is there Madden challenge in Madden 10?

There is no madden challenge in Madden NFL 10.

What is penalty if coach loses a challenge for touchdown?

If a coach loses a challenge of any kind, his team loses a time out.

In the NFL what is the penalty for tripping?

It is a ten yard penalty - Vikings vs. Steelers 10/25/09