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Q: Can you causes greater injury by playing football with dislocated rib?
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Playing football

What causes a dislocated retina?

a punch in the face

What is a break in the layers of rock which causes a section of it to become dislocated?

It is an earthquake.

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What is a dislocated rib cage?

A dislocated rib cage means that the front end or back end of a single rib or multiple ribs has popped partially out of its socket. This causes severe pain and you should seek medical attention.

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Yes. The skull sits on the top vertebra of your spine, called the atlas. If there is a strong enough trauma to the head, the skull can be moved off, or dislocated, from the atlas. Unfortunately, with enough force this causes fatal damage to the spinal cord/brain. But if there is a smaller dislocation, it can be survived.

Can you list some probable causes of numbness in the face and jaws?

Some probable causes of numbness in the face and jaw in otherwise healthy people can include trigeminal neuralgia, stroke, and a dislocated jaw. To rule out serious causes, see your doctor immediately.

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