Can you catch more than one Ditto?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Q: Can you catch more than one Ditto?
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Can you get more than one Ditto?

No you cant. Unless you trade.

Pokemon Sapphire where do you catch Ditto?

Ditto is uncatchable in sapphire only emerald or firered and leafgreen can get it have either trade you one to get one.

How do you get more than one eevee in Pokemon soulsilver?

Breed in the daycare with ditto

On Pokemon Pearl were and how can you get Ditto?

You can migrate or catch one from a swarm or trade.

Can you get more than one Ditto in diamond?

no you cant but if you want on my name is Nathan and i will trade you one

Where to get ditto?

Well you can catch ditto right outside of canalave city. You should have a 3% chance of one appearing. Also you may want to catch one in the cave where mewtwo is in soul silver or heartgold.

Pokemon firered version is there more than one Eevee?

No, but if you have a girl or a ditto you can breed it and get more eevee's.

How do you get more than one Eevee in yellow?

mate eevee witrh a ditto or trade

How do you catch phione on pearl?

You need to get a Manaphy and breed it with a Ditto, or get one from a trade

How do you catch a ditto on sapphire?

You can't. You have to trade one from FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald.

Who can trade me their girl Eevee or Ditto?

Ditto are pretty easy to catch, if you know where to look and persevere. Once you've got yourself a ditto it's easy to get more eevee ( eevees o.O XD ) (: hey any1 one else who answer s this i only want the ditto for a sec so i can clone my Pokemon

By accident I defeated a Ditto I found in the trophy garden instead of catching it are there more than one Ditto you can find?

Yes, you can keep looking for Ditto until midnight, then a new pokémon will appear in the garden.