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of course u can!

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Q: Can you carry a skateboard on a plane as a carry on on continental airlines?
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When was Continental Airlines created?

Continental Airlines were created on 1934 in Boise, Idaho,USA. Flights begin on July 15, 1934, where the first plane from Continental Airlines flew. However on March 3, 2012, Continental Airlines joined with United Airlines.

Does continental sell blankets and pillows on the plane?

Continental Airlines no longer exists. It is now associated with United Airlines. And yeah, they have blankets and stuff.

What is the Legal limit of cigarette cartons to carry on to a plane?

It would depend on the Airlines... most of my flights (on different airlines) I carry 2 Rims of cigarettes (per person).

How many people can fit in a plane?

It depends on what type of plane it is and how big the plane is. For commercial airlines, smaller planes may carry 50 people while big planes will carry 200.

What type plane did Continental airlines fly to Vietnam 1969?

In 1968 I flew into Vietnam on a Continental brand new Boeing 707. The bird with the "golden tail"

What size plane is flight 2072 continental airlines?

it is an ERJ-145, which i am quite sure is a very small airplane.

Can you bring a backpack on a plane as a personal item?

You can bring a backpack on a plane as a personal item. Most airlines will allow you to carry on the backpack rather then check it in.

Save Money on Your Plane Ticket?

Travelers can purchase their plane ticket cheaply if they avoid the extras that airlines charge fees for. Many airlines are charging more for snacks and soft drinks in flight. Carry on luggage may incur fees if the bags exceed limitations on weight or size. Most airlines charge a bundle for extra carry on luggage. Travelers that do not want their plane ticket prices nickel and dimed to death should avoid these amenities airlines charge for.

How many carry on bags can be brought on a plane?

This varies between airlines, however often you can take two bags at an extra charge.

Can I use a laptop bag as a carry on a plane?

Laptop bags are allowed as carry-on baggage for flights. I know this information first handedly as I worked in customer service for Delta Airlines for 4 years.

What can you carry on an American Airlines plane?

Well, for sure you can't carry water bottles because they think you might carry some sort of explosive powder in it. What I know you can carry is cheese, cereal (in packaging bags), cream, electronics, and clothing items of course! :)

How can you bring a skateboard on a plane?

Log as baggage for the hold

If a mother gives birth to her baby in the plane how will the parents determine where the baby was born?

The plane's captain will make a record of the planes location at the time of birth. However airlines will normally not carry mothers if they are near term.

Can you carry clothes on a plane?

Yes, you can definitely carry clothing on a plane

Where to get red pepper bruschetta from united airlines tapas box not on the plane?

United airlines

Which plane to Cancun Mexico?

Several airlines land in Cancun, Mexico. Some of them would be:Air CanadaAlaska AirlinesAmerican AirlinesCanjet AirlinesContinental AirlinesCopa AirlinesDelta AirlinesIberiaKLM Northwest AirlinesTam AirlinesUnited AirlinesU.S. Airways

What was the name of the plane that crashed into the pentagon?

The plane was American Airlines Flight 77.

What was the plane number of the plane that crashed in pennsylvania?

United Airlines Flight 93.

What type of simple tool is a skateboard ramp?

inclined plane

Where can someone charter a plane?

One can charter a plane from many different airlines. Some examples of airlines that provide plane charter services include Delta, One Sky, and Blue Star Jets.

How many people can go in a big plane?

The largest plane is the airbus A380 it has 50% more floor space than a 747 (Which was the largest) An airbus can carry up to 835 people with the correct configuration but not all airlines have it configured to maximum capacity and are using it to carry appx. 550 passangers.

What is the best airline plane to los angles?

delta airlines by far best airlines in the skys

How many luggage kg allowed in going to india in normal airlne?

Indian airlines allow each passenger to carry one bag, up to 15kg, on to the plane.

What is too smelly even to carry on a plane?

Durian is a very powerful smelling fruit from Asia, which is not allowed inside some airlines.(It tastes heavenly!)

How long of flight is Tampa FL to Milwaukee WI?

It differs for the plane or the plane airlines