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Yes, it is legal.

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Q: Can you call 2 timeouts in a row in volleyball?
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What if the team takes more than 2 timeouts in volleyball and it's the referees fault?

that would not work because there are three timeouts to a team

How many time outs permitted each set in volleyball?

Each team gets 2 timeouts per set.

In volleyball what is deuce?

When the server gets 2 aces in a row.

How many timeouts in HS basketball in a game?

You get three 30 second timeouts and 2 full timeouts per game

What do we call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays?

we can call the number that cannot be arranged into 2- row arrays multiple arrays.

In volleyball can a player pass it to someone and then pass it back to that same person?

Yes, just not 2 hits in a row

Who can dig in volleyball?

In volleyball anyone can dig, usually those who dig are passers or severs, not setters. So if you back-row or running a 6-2 passers dig the ball

How many timeouts in professional basketball?

In an NBA game, each team is given six timeouts. They get four 60-second timeouts and two 20-second timeouts.

What is the name of position 4 volleyball?

4-2 is a system played in volleyball, it means that there are 2 set-uppers and 4 attackers. In this system the set-uppers are always positioned diagonally from each other. This system is actually called 2-4 but I think we mean the same.

What do you call the number that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays?


What do you call the numbers that cannot be arranged in to 2-row arrays?


The volleyball line that separates the front row from the back row is called?

It's called the attack line.inside the court dere r oni 3 lines a line in the middle 2 separate the 2 sides 2 attacking lines 1 on each sides