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Q: Can you by tortex sheating to make picks?
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What are dunlop tortex picks made out of?

Tortex pics are made from a combination of tortex and acetal, a material that is created to replace the use of the shell of endangered tortoises.

Does Slash play with his fingers or a plectrum?

Slash use's Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm Plectrums/picks

What kind of guitar strings does kirk hammet use?

i think is saw on video of him using dunlop green tortex pick. he does usually play with tortex picks, but he does have a signature dunlop design Kirk's picks are Dunlop Tortex 0.88mm. They are customized with various imprints such as his signature and various Metallica graphics and logos. The Dunlop Series picks were promotional only. He does not use them. ~PickGuru

What is the best type of guitar pick?

My personal favorite guitar pick is the "Dunlop Tortex .88mm" guitar pick.These picks are very very strong and don't shred to pieces and break like other picks.I would really recommend getting these! only thing is, you need to decide what thickness you want it.. Thicker ones produce a deeper sound on a guitar, and thinner ones make a lighter sound on the guitar. So you need to decide what thickness you want.. I love .88mm

What is sheating conductor?

Sheating conductor is the material that wraps wires to protect you from shock and the wire from being damaged.

How do you secure a stack of roof sheating from sliding off the roof?

Don't make the mistake of stacking it up there. That is a dangerous proposal. Use the sheeting as you hand it up.

What are the best pick-ups for schectar 7 string guitar?

Dunlop Tortex Sharp

How do you make a guy who picks on you like you?

If he picks on you , he most likely already likes you and just doesn't want to admit it.

What is a bare cable?

Bare cable is simply a conductor without a coating, sheating, or covering. It is just bare wire.

What kind of guitar pick should you use?

That all depends on your style. If you want to play Rock or Metal, I'd recomend a heavy pick, since it'll give you a very heavy sound, but if you want to play an acoustic guitar, it's best to use a lighter pick, since that'll give a great jangly sound. If you want to get a pick that'll do everything, get a medium pick. Generally the thinner the pick the easier it is to play with

What guitar does Slash use?


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