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Yes. Google for Chelsea Pitchowners associations. Shares are worth 100Pounds (norman) or 125 pounds (framed)

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Q: Can you buy shares in Chelsea FC PLC?
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How much are Chelsea FC Shares?

There are no shares roman abramivich owns Chelsea

Can you buy public shares in Arsenal FC?

Arsenal shares are traded on the PLUS market under Arsenal Holdings PLC.

When did abramovich buy Chelsea fc?

Chelsea FC was bought buy Roman Abramovich in 2003

Can you buy shares in FC Barcelona?

not anymore

The top 20 biggest football clubs?

1.)chelsea fc! 2.)chelsea fc! 3.)chelsea fc! 4.)chelsea fc! 5.)chelsea fc! 6.)chelsea fc! 7.)chelsea fc! 8.)chelsea fc! 9.)chelsea fc! 10.) you can probably guess the rest

How much did Ken Bates buy Chelsea FC for?


Why is the Chelsea FC named Chelsea FC?

it is located in the Chelsea and kensington borough

FC Barcelona How it can be qualified as a business?

Most likely it is called so as they have no owner like Chelsea but people have shares at Barcelona.

Who hates Chelsea FC?

everyone hates Chelsea fc

When was Chelsea fc started?

Chelsea FC was founded in 1905.

Who is the Chelsea FC mascot?

Stamford the Lion is the Chelsea FC mascot

Who did Chelsea fc buy in 2003?

Chelsea FC set a record in 2003 under new owner Roman Abramovich. He was the one that sanctioned Andriy Shevchenko's transfer for over 30 million pounds.

What is Cole Sprouse's favorite football team?

Chelsea fc

Is Chelsea fc a good football team?

Chelsea fc are the best football team in the world. "MON THE CHELSEA"

Who is Chelsea fc number 17?

As of 2012 Eden Hazard is Chelsea FC number 17.

What is Chelsea fc?

Chelsea FC are an English football club and have won the premiership 3 times

Who has more trophies Chelsea fc or fc Barcelona?

Barcelona have more trophies then Chelsea by miles.

Will Chelsea fc be the best in English league?

Ofcourse they will! I am a CHELSEA FC fan! BLUE IS THE COLOR!

What number will Eden Hazard be at Chelsea FC?

Eden Hazard's number at Chelsea FC will be number 17.

What is Fernando Torres' kit number at Chelsea FC?

He is currently number 9 for Chelsea FC. (2012)

What number is Eden Hazard wearing at Chelsea FC?

Actually now he have the number 10 in Chelsea FC.

Did FC Korea won Chelsea in the Asian Tour?

FC Korea won Chelsea with 1-0

Is DDrogba still in FC Chelsea?

Yes Didier Drogba still plays for FC Chelsea as a striker.

Who is number eight for Chelsea fc?

Frank Lampard is currently wearing the number 8 for Chelsea FC. :)

Top 10 highest paid player at Chelsea fc?

The highest paid in chelsea fc,is Torres