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About 20 games from that timeframe are out there. Look for a guy named ChampionMedia on He doesn't have the UNLV games listed, but has quite a few in his collection.

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Q: Can you buy a DVD of the 1989-90 1990-91 UNLV basketball seasons?
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What was the score of the 1990 unlv vs Arkansas basketball game?

112-105 UNLV

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What seed was UNLV when they won?

UNLV was a #1 seed when they won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in 1990.

Who was on the 1977 UNLV basketball team?

Robert Kelly

Who will win northern Iowa or unlv basketball?

Northern Iowa won their first round game over UNLV.

Is UNLV considered a mid-major in basketball?

Not even close.

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What state is UNLV Basketball from?

The UNLV team are a NNCA Division 1 basketball team located in Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. They're also commonly known as the "Runnin' Rebels."

What does the UNLV the basketball team stand for?

University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Should you pick UNLV or Colorado in March Madness basketball tournament?

I'm doing UNLV, they will be the underdog and go deep into march madness

What are the release dates for BYUtv Sports - 2005 Women's Basketball Brigham Young vs UNLV?

BYUtv Sports - 2005 Women's Basketball Brigham Young vs UNLV was released on: USA: 5 February 2005

Score of the 1990 National College Basketball Championship?

UNLV: 103 Duke: 73