Can you burn a bowling ball?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Bowling balls are made from different materials - either plastic, urethane or resin. Depending on which type you have, it may be possible to burn a bowling ball - but you would sure be making one heck of a toxic waste.

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Please don’t the toxic smoke will annoy you for a week.....
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While a person has the ability to take a bowling ball and throw it at someone in the sport of dodgeball, it is strongly discouraged as the ball is not designed for the sport and can inflict injury.

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You would grind it up, and sprinkle it over ice cream.

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no you cant

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Q: Can you burn a bowling ball?
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Yes, you are allowed to get things engraved into a bowling ball. For example, you can get your name, last name or a nickname into the bowling ball. You can't get a picture engraved into a bowling ball because once it is engraved, it stay's that way. When you get a picture in a bowling ball, it takes away the purpose with the bowling ball.

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