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Q: Can you bring your own building supplies into Canada from US?
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Storing Building Supplies?

In this tough economy, many people have chosen to build their own homes. By building one's own home, a person can save thousands of dollars. Building one's own home also allows an owner to have a high level of satisfaction in the building process. When building homes, one may wish to store building supplies in a storage unit on site. Storing building supplies is a way to ensure easy access to the supplies at any time. In addition, storing building supplies is affordable and will protect supplies from being taken. Leaving building supplies on site is risky, since people may steal them.

Where is the best place to get some porch building supplies?

I am going to be making my own porch for my house. Where is the best place to get some building supplies?

Do most professional house painters bring their own supplies?

Most professiona house painters bring their own supplies but ask for the homeowner to provide some supplies as well. if the homeowner wants something extra or something special, the necessary equipment to do this must be provided.

What is a fair price to pay a housecleaner in Boston?

Some housecleaners in Boston are paid $20 per hour and bring their own supplies.

Do house cleaning services bring their own supplies and equipments?

In the midwestern United States they do in most cases, unless other arrangements are made.

Can I bring my own medical oxygen supplies?

I think you can bring medical equipment with you if you have proof for it, according to some laws in some areas. I am not sure from your question where you are going and where you live so I cannot give you a definite answer.

What are all the types art supplies I will need when I sign up for an art class next year?

The kinds of supplies you will need depends greatly on the class. For a painting class, it is likely you will need your own set of brushes and paints-- for drawing, you may need your own pencils, charcoal, and sharpeners. If you plan to work with clay, you may be asked to bring your own tools. The best bet is to contact your teacher to find out exactly what you will be expected to bring.

How do I build my own dog door?

Building your own doggie door will save you a ton of money. The best website to research is They give you step by step instructions after you buy supplies at your local home improvement store.

Who paid for leif Ericsson's voyage?

No one. He supplied his own ship and supplies.

What country sponsored Leif Eriksson?

None. Leif supplied his own ship and supplies.

What supplies do I need to make my own smoker for cooking?

If you plan on building your own smoker i would stay away from this unless you have the tools to build one. The cheapest way is to buy one that is already put together. Hope this helps and thank you.

When was Bring Your Own Stereo created?

Bring Your Own Stereo was created in 1999.