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Q: Can you bring tennis balls onto the airplane?
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What does Prince 4 on a tennis ball mean?

The numbers on the tennis balls are simply for your benefit - if you are playing with Prince 1 balls, and the people on the court next to you are playing with Prince 4 balls, it is easier to retrieve your tennis balls when they wander onto another tennis court.

Can you bring an empty bottle onto an airplane?

Only if it is Not Glass...*yes you can, and you can bring full bottles on the airplane to. You just can't bring it through security

Can you bring canned food onto an airplane?

You can only bring canned food that is in a 3oz can, which few are.

Can a person bring pop soda cans onto an airplane if in their checked luggage?


Can you bring wax onto an airplane?

Wax is not restricted. Flammable preparations that contain wax will be restricted.

Can people with diabetes carry insulin needles on an airplane?

A person can bring prescription drugs and equipment onto an airplane if he also carries the prescription.

Can you bring instant noodles onto an airplane?

The dry noodles themselves should be fine. The water to cook them with, not so much.

How high can a cold hot or warm tennis ball bounce?

My son and I did this experiment as a science fair project. We put 2 tennis balls in the freezer for 1 hour. We also put 2 tennis balls in heating pad (high setting) for 1 hour. We also used 2 room temperature balls. We dropped the balls from 80" onto a tile floor and measured the height of the bouces with a measuring tape. The results were fairly dramatic. The tennis balls from the freezer bounced an average of 25 inches. The room temperature balls bounced a full 50 inches. The warm balls bounced an average of 55 inches. Obviously there was a significant difference between the bounces of cold and warm tennis balls.

What can you bring and not bring onto an airplane?

You can bring a laptop and othere elctronic items onto a plane. You may also bring on liquids in a sealed ziplock bag if they are less than 3 oz. Weapons - or anything that may be used as a weapon may not be brought on. Mercury thermometers are also banned.

Can a Minor bring cigarettes onto an airplane without getting in trouble by security?

You're ok, as long as you don't soke them on a plane

Can you bring stove onto an airplane?

Yes you can. Under a new law that is going to be or should be enacted, each passenger is allowed to bring one fully operational camping stove onto the airplane with them. Have you ever heard of a 'prison wallet'? under the new guidenlines, this stove must be safely stowed in your prison wallet. Must be some sort of safety enclosure.

Can you carry candles onto an airplane?


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