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Q: Can you bring pet food into the USA from Canada?
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What kind of website is Pet Planet Health?

Pet Planet Health is a website where you can learn more about important nutrition information for your pets. There are Pet Planet Health stores across the USA and Canada. You could also buy their own brand of pet food from the website.

Were can you buy Halo dog food in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada?

Pet smart carries it

What is fish used for in Canada?

Fish is used for pet food, firtalizer, it's oil's are in viamins and it is used for food

Is it illegal to have a pet gopher in Canada?

No, it is legal to have a pet gopher in Canada.

Can you bring your dogs to the pet expo?

yes,u can bring your dog to petco but it has to be on a leash.

How can you add your pet to your house on fantage?

you click your pet in the barn then you click bring outside then when its outside you click on your pet then click bring outside and that's how you do it :)

How many locations does PetSmart have?

At this point in time, Petsmart has over 1200 store locations in the United States and Canada. It is also the number one retailer of pet food and pet supplies.

How to take care of a webkinz?

well you buy food at the wshop and feed it to your pet and bring it to the clubhouse in the exercise room and put it on the tredmeal.

What do you do if your pet has worms?

If your pet has worms the best thing to do would be to bring it to your local vet and get it checked. Your pet might get tablets to help get rid of the worms. Be careful though because if you pet your animal, not wash your hands and then be touching food you will eat or touch your tongue you could get them to.

Can you have a pet chimp in Canada?


Is pet food good for turtles?

What kind of pet food.

How do you bring a small pet how from the pet store?

you can put it in a small box.