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can you? yes, but it does matter which kind of window, a typical house window you can almost all the time, car windows are a little more robust and you typically can not, the windshields are very strong and I have yet to hear of a case where a paintball broke one

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โˆ™ 2010-06-08 15:40:29
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Q: Can you break a window with a paintball?
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Will a 24oz tank break a paintball gun?


Does distance from target affect paintball splat size?

No. Only if you are VERY far away, the paintball may not break at all.

Can you use airsoft masks for paintball?

No, they will break and you will be injured.

How much presure does it take to break a paintball?

this will change for each brand and type of paintball out there, tournement paint will take a lot less than a lower grade paint, some stuff is extremely hard to break, others you can break with your hand alone

How do you make your paintball gun stop chopping balls?

well first off is it a chop or a break? if its a chop its probably that your feeding balls to fast and if its a break its probably your bolt or eyes ( if your paintball gun has eyes)

What are break beam eyes for a paintball gun?

Break Beam Eyes are sorta like headlights. If a paintball crosses into the "headlights," only then will it fire. This prevents any breach breaks.

What happens when your paintball gun gets wet?

If a paintball gun gets wet, it could break the marker, depending on the marker. Electronic markers may break if severely wet. In general, water may hurt performance

How do you open a Chrysler Pacifica without key?

Call a locksmith, break a window,Call a locksmith, break a window,

Can you fire grapes out of a paintball gun?

No. Grapes are much larger than paintballs and paintball barrels. Even if you found a small one, it would break in your gun.

How do you open a 1998 jeep grand Cherokee without a key?

Call a locksmith or break a window.Call a locksmith or break a window.

What do robbers use to break open the window?

Robbers use crowbar to break open the window. (Not a chainsaw!)

You throw a ball and accidentally break a glass window Describe the relationship between the momentum of the ball and what happens to the window?

You throw a ball and accidentally break a glass window Describe the relationship between the momentum of the ball and what happens to the window?"It depends on the window and the size of the object you are throwing or using to break it.

Will a 295 fps bb gun break a car window?

It may not break the window but it will most likely chip or crack the window that will lead to more damage.

How would i Break into Hyundai Accent?

break the window :)

Will a 69 calibre paintball barrel chop 68 calibre paint?

No, it will not break paint. "Underboring" (using a barrel with a smaller bore than the paintball), is a thing used to gain maximum efficiency and consistency from a paintball marker, since no air is escaping around the paintball, and the same amount of air is pushed against it every time.

If you throw a bottle at a window which will break the bottle or the window?

just take out a ak47 and cap the window

How do you destroy a window?

just throw a ball to a window then itll break

How do you remove a Honda Accord window?

Break the window with an iron wrench.

Does the ice can break a window?

Only if you throw it.

What is a flat line barrel on a paintball gun?

It's a barrel for Tippmann paintball guns and only Tippmann guns. It specializes in a flat trajectory, though suffers in accuracy. How it works is it adds backspin to the paintball therefore shooting it in a flat trajectory. Tippmann argues that the barrel adds range and while it is true that the paintball is in the air longer than a standard barrel the problem is that because of the backspin the paintball looses speed as it goes, so right around there a paintball from a standard barrel hits the ground is where a paintball from a flatline becomes useless as well as it will not have enough speed to break on anything.

How would a frozen paintball hit a oak tree?

because freezing causes brittleness, it would break.

How do you break in the invert mini paintball gun?

Most people suggest you turn your velocity down and dry fire a few tanks to break in the spring. Any marker will shoot better after its break-in period.

How can you open the rear gate of a 1978 wagoneer with the window stuck closed?

break the window

Where can one find discounted paintball accessories?

One can find discounted paintball accessories from Just Paintball, Paintballing, Discount Paintball, Zephyr Paintball, Outpost Paintball, Paintball UK and Armed Paintball stores.

If i throw a button at a car window will it break?

Will the button break? Or will the window break?It depends at the speed of the car and the material of the button. A small metal object hitting a car windscreen at high speed can break the window.A plastic button hitting the window of a stationary car will probably not do much harm, but a plactic button hitting the car window of a moving vehicle may do a lot of harm, not necessarily by breaking the window but by distracting the driver, which in turn may cause a fatal accident.Suggestion: Don't do it!