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Yes you can. Bets can be taken days, weeks and even months before a race and right up to when the race starts.

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Q: Can you bet on a horse 24 hours before the race?
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What happens to a bet on a trifecta and one of the horses drops out before the race.?

You get your money back for the horse or horses that are scratched from the race. if you only bet 3 horses in your trifecta, then you get the entire amount back.

What is lay bet in horse racing?

A Lay Bet is the practice of betting money on a horse to lose to race.

Can Horse owner bet on race?

No. Not legally.

Can a horse owner bet at a horse race?

Absolutely, and they usually do (on their own horse, of course!)

How To bet on horses?

Horse betting can be done at a race track by any adult of legal age before the start of a race. The better will submit a wager on a horse to a collector, and receive a ticket indicating their wager, odds and their choosen horse.

If you bet on a horse and it doesn't race do you lose?

If the horse scratches prior to the start of the race, the bettor's wager is refunded.

Do you get better results if you whip your horse before the race?

Ive heard of some riders who are supposed to do it. I don't have a problem with whipping a horse to make it go faster before or during a race. I'm just not sure if it works.Another answer:An interesting theory comes from a bettor who won't bet a horse, or bet in a horse race when the caveat "No Whipping" is published. He's very clear about where to whip a horse during a race. He doesn't mention whipping a horse before a race.Read more, below.Personal Opinion:Whipping a horse before a race seems to me a little like spanking a child before the child cleans his/her room. It's at least cruel. As to its effectiveness, I'd ask: if the roles were reversed, would you like to be whipped before performing?

Horse racing placing win place show?

If you place a bet for a horse to win, place or show it may be as follows: If you bet the 4 horse for WPS your horse has to come in just as stated to Win the race, Place in the race first or second, or Show in the race in the first, second or third.

On a horse docket of 3 horses if one wins do you win?

If I understand your question correctly, if only three horses race, would you win no matter what? You would only win if you bet on the winning horse to "win." When you bet on a horse race, you also bet on what position that horse finishes. You may bet on a horse to "win, place, or show" or all three (each bet costs more money). If the horse comes in first, second, or third, and you bet all three, you would still get a payout. There are numerous combinations to wagering, Exactas, Trifectas, etc. and even in a three horse race, if you didn't bet correctly, or on the right horse, you could still lose.

When does fourth horse pay on a bet?

When you successfully bet a superfecta. This is where you bet on the first four horses to finish the race.

Bet on show in horse racing?

If you bet on "show" in horse racing, you are betting that the horse will at least finish in 3rd place in the race. The other 2 bets are "win" and "place" (come in 2nd). So if you bet the horse to show you will collect money if the horse finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

What happens on Melbourne cup day?

You either bet on which horse/rider will win the race or just watch the race

Where can you find the live racing in horse race of Argentina?

Bet night live

What is the legal age to place a bet at the horse race track in California?

18 yrs

What sort of a bet is a trifecta?

A trifecta bet is a type of bet that is made in horsraces. One bets which horse will become first, second, and third place in the race in their opinions.

In horse racing did 'stone ginger' mean a sure bet?

In horse racing 'Stone Ginger' means a sure bet or certainty. This is due to a racing stallion in New Zealand that won every race he entered.

If you bet twenty dollars on a horse that has 7 to one odds how much would you win if the horse won the race?

When you cashed your ticket you would receive $160 -- $140 in winnings along with your original $20 bet.

Is a horse race purse size determined by the amount of betting on the race?

no the purse is determinded on the race when you bet you get some money fromo the purse if the horse u bet on wins Actually, the Purse has nothing to do with the amount of money wagered in a horse race. The Handle is the total amount wagered on that race and after the track takes some out and the taxes are removed then the rest is divied up among the winning tickets. These are called Pools and there is one for each style/type of bet (Win Pool, Place Pool, Show Pool, Exacta Pool, Trifecta Pool, Pick 3 Pool, etc).

What is the definition of parimutuel window?

Generally, the association is with horse racing. The bet system at race tracks are set up on a "parimutuel" system. The breakdown of payouts is determined by how much was bet and on which horse. In other words: you can't bankrupt the house at a horse racing track because all the total payouts for a race are based on the total stakes for that race. (Minus the house cut) So, the answer to your question: a "parimutuel" window is a window, for betting, at a (most likely) horse racing venue.

Can you place a bet at the call to the post time in a horse race?

Yes, you can place bets until the horses are running.

What does place mean in horse race?

The horse finished 2nd.The 3 types of "flat bets" are:Win (you bet your horse will finish first)Place (you bet your horse will finish second of first, you win if it does either)Show (you bet your horse will finish first, second or third; again, you win for any of the three)

How to win in horse race in harvest moon mineral town?

Ok, first you save your game before you enter the town square, after that you go in and see which horses win, you write it down - if you think you will forget it - and then relode the game, enter again and bet on the winning horse.

The first movie ever made wasto settle a bet concerning what animal?

a race-horse owned by the governer of California

Salary for race horse excercisers?

it depends how much you want to bet on plus entry fee 100 dolla <3

Can children go to a horse race track?

Yes children can go to Racetracks. They are not allowed to bet of course, but many love going to see the horses and helping their parents to pick out horses to bet on.