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it depends on how natural you are at it when you start and how much and often you stretch and practice.

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Q: Can you become a professional ballerina if you start ballet at 14?
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What is the age you have to get in to ballet classes and later become a ballerina?

There are no age limits to start ballet as each studio differs but it is best not to start too early, six is a good age to start at if you want to be a professional ballerina

When is it the best time to start ballet with the hope of becoming a ballerina?

At least the age of 5.

If you start ballet at 12 and you will take 3 ballet classes a week soon is it too late to become a prima ballerina?

Yes, if you work really hard in class and outside of class, you have a good teacher, and believe in yourself you can. :)

Can you start ballet now of is it too late im almost 16?

Depends on your goals. Starting now you're unlikely to become Prima Ballerina, but that doesn'mean that you can't dance.

How do you become a professional ballerina?

# Take ballet classes! All ballerinas must start somewhere but the beginning is best to learn the art and technique hidden behind it. Most ballet students begin young but older students have the dream to become a famous ballerina. Starting ballet lessons doesn't mean you can't become a famous professional ballerina it just means you need to work a bit harder to achieve your dream! # Participate in ballet performances and recitals with your dance school to learn how it feels to be on stage in front of a live audience. # Once you know you are confident enough and you have your skills and techniques in a good state join performance companies or ballet companies. NOTE: if you are unsure about companies ask your ballet teacher or even keep participating in all concerts etc and wait for recognition or even a scholarship! # Once you are in a company and performing you are know as a 'professional dance' however it doesn't mean you are famous so keep trying and do your best! TIPS: the moment you say how good you are you stop trying so ALWAYS try and never give up. Do whatever it takes it will be worth it in the end!

Is ballet really hard to learn?

Ballet is easy to learn if you are good on your feet. The best way to become good at it is if you start to take lessons from a professional or private dance studio.

Is 20 is a good age to start studying ballet?

Any age is a good time to start but if you are 20 it would be very hard to become a professional ballet dancer. If you are just doing it for fun and for exercise that is okay.

What kind of shoes do ballerina's wear?

toe shoes Ballet slippers are what you would most likely start on and then when your teacher thinks your ready you can start on pointe shoes :)

When did darcey start ballet?

She started her professional training at the Charlotte School, in London. Her dancing career at the Royal Ballet began at the age of 13.

What if you are 15 and you want to do ballet but you are not very flexible?

You can always start dance. Flexibility is not all that you need to take ballet. If you are determined you may become more flexible if you start dancing.

When did Ballet Folklorico start?

when did ballet folklorico start and where did it spread

How old do you have to be to become a Ballet Dancer?

The younger the better, Ballet dancers usually start training when they are still very young, you can be 15 and a ballet dancer. You have to just follow your dreams, be dedicated, Ballet dancing is not easy but very rewarding.

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