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yea scouts are everywhere. especially high school years. Remember to give 100% where ever you play in your backyard, practice, local park, and games, you never know who's watching.

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Q: Can you be noticed by soccer scouts without being on an ODP team?
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How do young soccer players in middle school get noticed by scouts?

If referring to college scouts, middle school players have very little chance of being "scouted." College scouts focus their efforts on competetive tournaments in which under 16, 17, and 18 club teams participate.

Can you join Boy Scouts without being a cub scout?


Can you get paid for being a soccer player?

Yes, if you are good enough and a professional team scouts and spots you, you can play football as a professional (get paid for doing it).

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What does it take to get into major league baseball?

It takes extraordinary talent and being noticed by the talent scouts for the team. You can try out or be noticed while you are playing for minor teams. There are training camps you can attend to help your cause. This is a little bit of who you know and what you can do.

Can you be noticed by soccer scouts without being on a high school team?

There are several venues to the scouting process. By "scouted" I assume you're talking about either professional soccer or the Olympic or World Cup teams. First, every state in the USA has several competitive "club" (travel) teams. These teams generally have a very high level of coaching. From these teams, the best players in each age group make it into the ODP state pool (Olympic Development Program). From the various state pools are picked the regional camp teams, which have tournaments heavily visited by the scouts, as the "best of the best" from around the country are playing all in one area during a short period of time. From those kids, the national scouts and college scouts will pull people. Being a skilled player at the high school level can certainly get one noticed. But if it's at a school where the team has a very bad record, it's possible that a very good player could be overlooked. Generally, the top players will help lead their teams to regional victories, where they are more likely to be noticed and selected for a higher level of play. Yes you can be noticed by one without being on your high school team! Being on a club team is way more important than being on a high school team. Yeah, being on a high school team does help, but it's definitely not everything. I play for club, and I'm on the varsity soccer team at my school. And I most likely won't get noticed through my high school, because our team sucks, haha. When you're on a club team their main goal is getting their players on college teams. Cause if you get picked, it makes their club more popular. Makes perfectly good sense, ey? I thought so too! Haha!

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Will being in Boy Scouts through high school and band and soccer help you get in to a college?

Yes because it will look very good on your application to any college.

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