Can you be allergic to a steriod?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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You need to know that there are two type of steroids....bad ones taken by some athlete to build muscles and improve performance (putting them in trouble......too) and the other steroids that are used to treat inflammation and these are the main drug used to treat the inflammation of Asthma. They are used in two ways: 1. to treat asthma attacks that are not responding to the rescue inhaler either using and oral or injectable form for a short period or 2. an inhaler every day once or twice to controll asthma. It isusually a personalized treatment plan based on each person severity of symptoms, age, how good thy are at using each type of medication, wheter they have other factors like nvironmental Allergies, exposure to cigarette smoke. Talk to your doctor about what is best for you and the one that will give more benefit with less side effects.

Here it describes how to get rid of asthma


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Yes, you can be allergic to any substance.

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Q: Can you be allergic to a steriod?
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