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Q: Can you attach figure skate blades to hockey skate boots?
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What are the best type of figure skating blades?

When ice skating the best blades are determined with what level you are on and what tricks you will be attempting. You should ask your coach if you have one before buying one. same with the boots.

What is the different between studs and stops and blades for footy boots?

It is different because the boots are different, the boots for indoors and the boots for outdoors

Can you put ice skating blades in roller skating shoes?

You technically could, but it probably wouldn't be very practical. Figure skating boots are made differently than roller skating boots. You need a certain amount of cushioning, support, etc. to figure skate successfully.

Are metal blades on football boots allowed?

not a chance

How have ice skates changed?

I'm not sure where you want me to start, so I'll go from the beginning. Back in the 1800s, figure skating on frozen lakes and canals had started becoming popular, but there was no official boots or blades. Figure skating consisted of blades made of thin strips of sharpened metal strapped onto normal shoes (usually boots, since it was winter). In 1871, Jackson Haines had the idea of adding a toepick to the blades, and his idea became wildly popular. Fast forward to 1935. Figure skating had become an extremely popular sport, but the equipment, well, it sucked. One of the first figure skating boots made was by Louis Harlick, founder of Harlick skating boots. Basically what he did was make the boot height lower, so skaters could bend their ankles easier, adding more support on the sides, etc. Nowadays, boots are getting lighter and lighter using synthetic materials, and the blades are as well, with lighter alloys.

Whats the difference between figure skating boots and the ones that you put the blades in or is there a difference?

a skating boot, is just shoe part of a skate, but it isn't a skate until you put the blade on.

What were the first pair of figure skating boots like?

These are skate boots

Are Riedell 225 TS figure skates right for me I can do waltz jumps One foot spins salchows lutzs and flips Are the Riedell 225 TS figure skates and Quest Onyx blades good skates for my level?

Those boots and blades should work for you, as long as you've decided you want to skate on a regular basis. If you're only skating every once in a while, I'd recommend the 229TS or the 133TS, as they're a bit less expensive. If you're anywhere near working on an axel, those boots and blades will be perfect.

Can you buy separate steel toe caps to attach into boots?

Try steel toe safety guards. They attach externally to your shoe, and are removable. That is your only option. Just buy steel toe boots.

What is used when playing hockey?

What you wear, besides clothes, are shin pads, hockey socks and boots. You will also need a hockey stick and you play with a ball.

Do you have to break in figure skating blades just like you have to break in new figure skating boots?

Not exactly... For a younger skater that is growing and getting longer blades as the boot size goes up, there is some "getting acquainted" time associated with the new blades just because of the difference in length. This usually takes just a few hours of ice time. A change in blades that is more significant - blade radius, hollow radius, or toe-pick design could take a bit longer to get used to. This is all related to the skater getting comfortable with the blades - the blades themselves are ready to go full-speed once sharpened.

What boots does Gavin Henson wear?

He wears the X Blades - Wild Thing Sprint

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