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ya if you go to a paintball field they do it for you

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2009-12-06 01:29:49
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Q: Can you adjust the velocity on a paintball gun?
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Why do you adjust velocity on a paintball gun?

to make sure the paintballs are coming out at the field velocity limit and therefore you will not hurt anyone

How do you adjust paintball marker?

You can adjust the marker by turning the velocity screw. It is in a different place for every gun. This changes the FPS.

How do you adjust velocity on a Cybrid paintball gun?

you see the little un-jammer button you pull out when your is jammed pull that out and then fire.

Which paintball gun has the greatest velocity?

All paintball markers are chronographed to the same velocity of around 290-300 FPS.

How come my invert mini paintball gun wont shoot far?

To adjust the velocity you have to adjust the screw in the very end of the gun counter-clockwise within 2 turns (don't turn too much) have you tried to turn up the velocity by adjusting the screw on the regulator?

What happens when you increase the velocity of a paintball gun?

The paintball is shot at a higher speed and goes farther.

How do you adjust the speed of your spyder paintball gun?

There is an adjustment knob on the back end of all spyder guns. You adjust it with an Allen (hexagonal) wrench. clockwise is higher velocity, counter clockwise is lower.

How do you make paintball gun shoot harder?

You do this by increasing the velocity, ask a gun tech or someone who knows how to adjust your marker to the proper limits. FPS should never exceed 300 fps.

How do you change the velocity of a paintball gun?

Depending on the model of gun, typically there is some sort of setscrew either in the side or back of the gun which you can adjust to alter the amount of air entering the chamber and therefor the speed. Some guns also have regulators which can be used to adjust the pressure of the air entering the gun's valve which can change the speed of the paintball. It is best to consult your owners manual to learn the procedure for your particular gun.

What is the most powerful paintball gun?

Any paintball gun that you can adjust the FPS (feet per second) on can be powerful, because basically, that adjusts how much thrust the air has on the paintball pushing it out of the barrel.

What is the velocity of a paintball gun?

Around 300 fps or 200 miles per hour.

How do you loosen your paintball gun triger?

It depends on which marker you have and which trigger is on it. Typically the manual will tell you how to adjust it

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