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That depends on why you were deported from the UK.

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Q: Can you Go To Canada If Deported From UK?
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Can you get a visit visa to Canada after being deported from UK for overstaying your visit?

Technically there is no connection between canada and Uk visa processing except that if you have a record your chances will go down a notch. But it is not impossible to have.

How do you find out if someone has been deported from Canada?

how do I find out if some is deported from canada

How can you get a tourist visa for Canada?

if my husband got deported back to India can he still go to Canada to live

Can you come back to Canada after being deported?

If you want to go back to Canada after being deported, you may haveÊto have an ARC, or an Authorization to Return to Canada. Whether you need one or not depends on the type of removal order you received.

Can you enter Canada after being deported from US?

I suppose you long as you havent been deported from canada..or have any felonies there...

What if the person is illegally in the UK?

They can be arrested and deported.

Can a deported Mexican work in Canada?


Did Justin Bieber get deported back to Canada?


How is a person deported from Canada?

Yes, Canada has illegal immigrant laws.

If you get deported from Canada can you come back?

if u get deported from canada for been overstay from the US can u come back and when can u come back

If my husband is deported can i go with him i am a us if my husband is deported can i go with him?

you can go but get ready for a life change

Can a foreign national who is deported from UK return to UK if so on what grounds?

People are not deported for no reason. If they can prove they have grounds to have the deportation order rescinded, then it's possible.

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