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Q: Can women use the rings and parallel bars in gymnastics?
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Which equipment do women not use in gymnastics?

Women do not use the rings, pommel horse, or parallel bars.

What are the 5 disciplines in gymnastics?

There are 4 apparatus in women's gymnastics, and 6 in men's gymnastics. For women, they are floor, vault, beam and asymmetric bars. For men, they are floor, vault, pommel horse, parallel bars, rings, and high bar.

Is the parallel bars at gymnastics for boys girls or both?

The parallel bars are for the men's gymnastics team but the women's routines involve the uneven bars. Hope that helps. :)

What are the events in gymnastics?

Women's gymnastics has four events which is Vault, Floor Exercise, Balance Beam, and Uneven Bars. Men's gymnastics has six events: Vault, Floor, Rings, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, and High Bar.

Does girls use rings in gymnastics?

No, women do uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise, and vault. Men do the rings, vault, floor exercise, pommel horse, high bar and parallel bars.

What are the six gymnastic activities?

The events in mens gymnastics are the parallel bars, pommel horse, vault, floor exercise, high bar and the rings. The events of women's gymnastics are the balance beam, uneven bars, vault and floor exercise.