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There is nothing in the NFL rulebook that states women cannot play in the NFL, or that the NFL is for men only.

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Q: Can women play in the NFL?
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Are women allowed to play in the NFL?


Women in the NFL?

well women would not play in the nfl but the IWFL Independent Women's Football League

Has there ever been a women play in the NFL?


Was there ever a female NFL kicker?

No, there has never been a women to play in the NFL. There have been several women kickers in college, but none in the NFL.

Why are women not allowed to play professional football?

In fact, there is no rule stating that women are not allowed to play in the NFL. However, girls aren't "physically equal" to men, and therefore do not play in the NFL.

Is a female going to play on the Miami Dolphins?

No, women do not play fooball in the NFL, but they can be cheerleaders.

What are the odds of a girl becoming a NFL football player?

A woman has never played in the NFL and there is no discussion going on with the NFL owners about allowing women to play in the NFL. At the present time, the odds of a women becoming an NFL player are nil.

Did any women ever played in any NFL football game?

nope,i'm not shure if women are allowed to play nfl.but i do believe there is a league where women do play football.

Should women be allowed to play in the NFL?

There is a women's pro football league, but the NFL is extremely physical. Women do not have the physical structure or strength to compete with huge male athletes. It would be too dangerous.

What percent of women attend NFL audience?

35% of women attend the NFL audience

What NFL team did Michael Jordan play for?

he did not play in the nfl

Do you have to have an education to play in the NFL?

yes you have to because if you do not you can not play in the NFL.

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