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Q: Can woman play sport in Iraq?
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What is Iraq's most popular sport?

Football is the most popular sport in Iraq.

What sport do the breakers play?

Woman's soccer. Based in Boston

What is the least sport of Iraq?

your mothers sport

What sport do women play?

Woman could play many sports! Tennis Softball Field Hockey Soccer Basketball ANYTHING BOYS CAN DO GIRLS CAN DO BETTER! Woman can do any sport but baseball as a woman

Can women play any mens sports legally?

Yes, any sport a man can play a woman can play, unless your in a country where woman rights do not exsist. what about the military?? can a woman do anything in the military??

What is the chief sport in irag?

the chief sport in Iraq is soccer

What is the second most popular sport in Iraq?

football(soccer) and there is also Tennis. Tennis is a big sport in Iraq

What sport did Sally Ride play as a young woman?

She wanted to be a tennis player.

What sport did Sally Ride play a a young woman?

She wanted to be a tennis player.

What kind of sports do Iraq play?

Iraq is a nation and therefore does not play.

In which sport do the woman play in the federation cup?

Tennis. The Fed Cup is equivalent to the men's Davis Cup.

Why Clara Gregory invented netball?

she invented it so that woman can play a sport that is basically the same to basketball.