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Q: Can two basketballs fit through the hoop at the same time?
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Can two men's basketballs fit through the rim at the same time?

no, two mens basketballs cannot fit throug the hoop at once. two girls regulation basketballs, however, can fit through the rim at the same time

How many regulation basketballs can fit through a basketball hoop at one time?

One and a little bit

How Many basketballs stuck in a basket hoop?

I think that you mean how many basketballs can be stuck in a hoop and your answer is 2 for regular size baskets. I know it doesn't look like that but 2 can be stuck in the with of the top of the hoop at the same time, both going through. Interesting, eh, but we've all been taught to expect the unexpected.

Can two basketballs fit into one basketball hoop at the same time?

Not if they are side-by-side, but if they are one on top of the other then yes.

Can two basketballs go through one basketball rim at the same time?


Can two NBA basketballs go through a rim?

At the same time or not, yes. This has been tested and proven.

What were basketballs a long time ago made of?


How does an electronic basketball game keep score?

They have sensors on the rim of the basketball hoop that give you a point every time the sensors recognize the ball has gone completely through the hoop.

Are basketballs made of plastic?

No, they are made of rubber. yes but a speciel type of latex/durable plastic very soft and very hard same time no

Can two official size NBA basketballs fit through an regulation rim at the same time?

The inside diameter of a regulation rim is 18 inches. A regulation NBA basketball is between 29 1/2 to 29 7/8 inches in circumference, equating to a diameter of 9.39 to 9.51 inches, or an average of 9.45 inches. Now is where simple math will tell you that they won't fit, but both are able to compress over 1/2 inch each with minimal force, leaving you with a tightly fitting yet extremely possible attempt at making two basketballs at the same time. Conversely, you can take two basketballs placed side by side and place them on the top cylinder of the rim and make them not go through.

Who is Indiana university basketballs all time assist leader?

Quinn Buckner

How many basketballs are sold each year?

Basketballs are a very popular ball in the sport industry that unfortunately, do not last forever. Worldwide, the number of basketballs that are sold each year has to be in the millions. thank you for listening to worlds most unspecific answer of all time.

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