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No. World Series is the winner of the ALCS vs winner of the NLCS.

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Q: Can two AL teams play in the World Series?
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What are only major league baseball teams to not play in a World Series?

The Mariners and Nationals are the only two teams left to never have made a world series appearance.

What happens at the world series?

Two teams play a 7 games series. The first team to win 4 games is the World Champion.

What are the names of the two baseball teams to play in the world series?

San Fransisco Giants and the Texas Rangers

Which two teams will play in this years world series 2010?

The San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers.

Where will the 2012 World Series be played?

Right now we don't know where the 2012 world series is going to be played. Because when they pick the two teams to play in the series is when they find out where there playing because they alternate between the two stadiums.

Which teams have the most World Series victories?

The top two teams with the most World Series titles are the New York Yankees with 27, and the St. Louis Cardinals with 10.

What does ALCS mean?

American League Championship Series. The two teams that win the first round of the American League playoffs, called the ALDS or American League Divisional Series, play in the ALCS and the winner of that series goes to play in the World Series.

How many teams go to the World Series?

Only two teams go to the World Series: the American League champion and the National League champion.

What two teams were in 1989 World Series?

In the battle of two Bay Area teams, the Oakland A's swept the San Francisco Giants in four games during the 1989 World Series.

What two teams have won the 2nd most World Series?

The Cardinals.

What two teams completed in the 1995 World Series?

The Atlanta Braves beat the Cleveland Indians in the 1995 World Series.

Which two teams played in the 1983 world series which team won the series?

Baltimore n Philadlephia