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no, you will be strip of the win

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โˆ™ 2012-02-26 17:53:18
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Q: Can the winning driver of a NASCAR stand on the roof?
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What do you stand on when you win a race?

In European racing and some American series, when you win a race you stand on a podium. When you win a NASCAR race you stand on the roof of your car.

When will roof structure being lifted on the dolman stand at Ashton gate?

when will the roof structure be lifted on the dolman stand at ashton gate football .

Who or what does the fiddler in fiddler on the roof stand for?


How do you remove an old tv antenna on your roof?

To remove an old television antenna from your roof, you will need a ladder and a screw driver. You'll need to go up to the roof and unhook the antenna.

Where is the screw driver on Game Show Island poptropica?

It is part of the toolkit, on the boutique's roof

When were roof flaps introduced into Busch racing?

In 1994 Nascar introduced the roof-flaps, invented by Jack Roush of Rouse Racing and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The roof-flaps were actually invented by Gary Nelson. he got the idea by eating a McDonald hamburger and playing with the styrofoam container it came in.

Where and what is the roll cage on a race car?

The roll cage is around the driver, to prevent the roof from collapsing during a roll over crash, and injuring or killing the driver.

What does HHR stand for on the Chevrolet car?

It stands for (Heritage High Roof) HHR.

Can the driver of the car of a dignitary with a red beacon light on the roof jump a red light in India?


What is roof overhang?

Typically, it is the part that extends beyond the building wall, aka tail of the rafter. It creates the area where you can stand under the edge of the roof when it rains.

How many airbags are on a 2004 Saturn L300?

4 airbags in 2004 Saturn L-300; front driver and front passenger; roof mount side impact driver and directly behind back seat passenger and roof mount side impact passenger and directly behind back seat passenger

How do you stop being sick?

when you are sick eat toast every 2 hours and stand on the roof.

In the Chevy vehicle what does HHR stand for?

It stands for Heritage High Roof (HHR)

Can you install roof racks on a 2010 Subaru Forester?

Yes you can. If you look on top of your vehicle, the passenger side and driver side shoulder have two rectangular slot each where you remove and install the roof rack.

What were the new safety measures for Nascar in 1994?

The 1994 "Saftey Package" was right side windows, roof rails, and the roof flaps, in a high speed spin the low pressure on the roof causes the flaps to deploy, (there is also a tunnel between the flaps to help each other deploy) when the flaps pop-up this causes a high pressure area on the roof holding the car down on the track rather then the lifting and flipping prior to the installation of this package.

What happens when a licensed driver gets into an accident and does not have insurance?

They can be sued by the other driver for damamges (if at fault). If not at fault, they may have a very difficult time getting insurance in the future and when they do, the premiums will be through the roof.

On super Mario 64 DS how do you get to the roof of the castle by the courtyard?

you can with a ds action replay or you can get all 150 stars manually stand by the cannon and it should open aim for the roof and hey presto

How many fans have died at NASCAR races do to crashes?

well, in the old days, like 1950's cars used to burst into flames because of engine failures and caused death to the driver and the fans.(Racers didnt have fireproof stuff.) Also, cars used to fly over fences, or the fence broke through and killed fans. These days, Nascar has stuff called roof flaps that keeps the car mostly on the ground. It was fun seeing cars getting airborn and flipping like crazy in the old days. Now, cars just hit a wall and just slide on the cement, or grass.

What happend to the groundlings if its started to rain?

They would have to stand in the rain because there was no roof over that part of the stage.

What does the k in k-span stand for?

K stands for the first name of the person who invented this roof span,but I dont know where was he from.

What does HHR stand for?

It stands for Heritage High Roof (HHR). The design is based loosely on the 1949 Chevrolet Suburban.

How do you open the sun roof on the 1990 Toyota Celica?

There is a switch on by the sun roof there is also a light in the same console. If the switch does not work there is a manual control inside this panel you can use a flat head screw driver to open and close it with.

Where can one find more information on Roof Top comedy?

The YouTube channel titled "Roof Top Comedy" appears to be a station that plays only videos containing stand-up comedians. The videos on this channel would most likely provide more information about Roof Top comedy.

What is the bubble on the top of a Nascar Sprint Cup Series race car?

If the bubble is black, it would be the roof-mounted camera. These are used for various views of possible wrecks, highlights, and basic coverage of the racing event.

Where is the relay and fuse for the moon roof on a Toyota Granvia?

I'm not 100% sure if they are to do with the moon roof, but if you pull out the right rear heater/air con vent (behind the driver) there are two 20A fuses. Maybe one of these are part of the motor.