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No, the only player allowed to be in foul territory when the pitch is thrown is the catcher according to MLB rules

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Q: Can the third baseman line up in foul territory holding a runner on?
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Is it a balk if third baseman is holding a runner on in foul territory while pitcher throws to the plate?

Yes, it is a balk if any defensive player positions himself in foul territory. This call is often missed by umpires so you may need to remind them of the rule and penalty.

Where should the third baseman stand with a runner at third stand to catch a pickoff throw from the catcher?

A few feet behind the runner when they lead off. The shortstop could loop around instead of the third baseman if you want it to be a surprise.

What is the penalty if a third baseman is not in fair territory when the pitcher delivers the ball to the batter?

It is a balk. Same for the first baseman.

Bases loaded ball hits runner standing on third base What is the call?

Assuming you mean a batted ball? The answer depends on where the runner on third is standing. If the runner is standing in foul territory, it is ruled a foul ball. If the runner is touching third base or leading off in fair territory and the ball hits him, then he is ruled out and the ball is dead. It is recorded as a putout by the third baseman. The batter is awarded first base, and other runners forced to advance will do so, so the runner on first is awarded second base, and the runner on second is awarded third base. If the infield-fly rule is in effect and the ball hits the runner on third, he is safe and the batter is out, provided the runner is touching third base. A runner on third should always lead off in foul territory to avoid these situations which would rule him out.

Heres the situation runner on 1st and 2nd with no outs a ground ball is hit to the third baseman but the runner beat the third baseman to the bag and the hitter made it to first fielders choice?

first choice would probably be first base

Can you get a rbi when batter is safe by a fielding error?

if the out would be the third no, it is up to the descrestion of the scorekeeper for example, if there was a runner on third with one out and you bunted the and the third baseman overthrew first, then it would be an rbi, but if the second baseman missed the throw to the first baseman with two outs, then there would be no rbi

In baseball is the third baseman allowed to block the base against the incoming runner?

If the 3rd baseman blocks the base without having the ball in his possession, it's obstruction, and the runner could be awarded home by the umpire, but at the very least, the runner will be safe at 3B.

If a line drive ball off the bat hits the runner on third base and flies in the air is the batter out when the third baseman catches the fly ball?

No. Once a batted ball strikes a baserunner the ruling is a dead ball. In this instance, if the runner is in fair territory, they player struck by the ball is out, and the batter is credited with a single --- if the runner is in foul territory and struck this is a foul ball. Same would apply with hitting the batting coach

Does a runner need to be tagged if he overruns third base when the bases are loaded to be called out or does the third baseman only need to touch third base?

he needs to be tagged

If the bases are loaded and the force is at home plate are the other bases a force out or does the third baseman have to tag the runner?

Yes all the other bases are a force out. The runner going to first forces the runner at first to second. The runner at first forces the runner at second to third. The runner at second forces the runner at third to home. You only have to tag the runner when a runner that was "forcing" you (from a previous base) is out. In the scenario you have mentioned the only time the third baseman would have had to tag the runner from second to third would be if the initial force out was behind the runner at either at first or second (the putout thus not forcing the runner from second to third, which would now require a tag. If the initial force out was at first or second, the runner on second would have the choice of going to third or retreating to second, and not "forced" to run. Since the initial force out was at home, the runner from second to third is still being "forced" to run by the runners behind him. Make sense?

Should you send a baserunner from third base to home on a ground ball hit to the third baseman with less than two outs?

Generally, no. Absolutely not. If the baserunner break home on contact, he would be hosed at the plate by the third baseman. If he freezes, and waits for the third baseman to commit to throwing to first, the first baseman would have plenty of time to throw home and nail the runner.

If a batted ball hits a runner on third base but the ball hits the runner on the foot which is in foul territory is he still out?


What does a third baseman do in baseball?

He tags out a runner going to third, and can throw pretty much anywhere. He usually throws home if a runner is coming in to score. He tries to catch a lot of pop up fouls.

What happens to the runner that is hit by a throw down to third?

The runner is out unless they are on the bag in time .If the runner is in foul territory, it is just counted as foul.

Runner turns third base the 1st baseman throws wild to home allowing runner to score Is this an earned or unearned run?

Unearned, as it was scored on a throwing error.

If a batted ball hits a base runner in fair territoty the runner is out and the batter is awarded a base hit. How is the out officially recorded in the scorebook?

First, the runner is only out if the fielder has not had a chance at the ball yet. If the ball goes through the 2nd baseman's legs and hits the runner, it's still a live ball. The out is credited to the defensive player closest to the ball when the ball hit the baserunner. For example, if the runner was on third base, more than likely the third baseman would get the unassisted putout. By the way... this example should never happen. Baserunners are taught to lead off third base in foul territory. But it does happen every now and then. Even in the majors.

Does the catcher have to tag the runner coming home if bases are loaded and batter hits ground ball to third baseman who tags third before throwing home?


Who is the third starting baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks?

The starting third baseman is Mark Reynolds

If a runner steps on the third baseman's foot as he is trying to step on third base and then he tags this runner who has already crossed home plate is the runner out for not having touched the base?

Yes they would be out, that's if its seen by an umpire. They don't do video for things like this so its a tough call.

Can a bulk if third or first base man are in foul territory?

I'm going to answer the question, "Can a bAlk be called if either the first or the third baseman are in foul territory?" as well as "Can a balk be called if the runner on first or on third base are in foul territory?" A balk is called whenever the pitcher makes an illegal throw or pitch. Basically, if a pitcher moves his front foot toward a base (including home plate), it must be that base that the pitcher throws the ball towards. The location of the either the runner or the fielder is completely irrelevant to whether or not the pitcher committed a balk.

When was Fred Thomas - third baseman - born?

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When did Fred Thomas - third baseman - die?

Fred Thomas - third baseman - died in 1986.

When was Bill Doran - third baseman - born?

Bill Doran - third baseman - was born in 1898.

When did Bill Doran - third baseman - die?

Bill Doran - third baseman - died in 1978.

When was Billy Taylor - third baseman - born?

Billy Taylor - third baseman - was born in 1870.