Can the smart parts vibe run on co2?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Smart Parts claims it does, but you have to change settings, and even then you risk CO2 bleeding into the gun and damaging it.

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Yes but you do not want to use co2. hpa is cleaner and better for your gun

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No, they can only be run efficiently on HPA. If you try CO2, the gun will jam up and cease to function until the liquid co2 is purged.

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Q: Can the smart parts vibe run on co2?
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Best paintball gun for beginers?

It depends on if you think you will stay with it. There is the Tippmann 98 Cutsom for woodsball. There are alot of things you can do with this gun. And by Smart Parts they have the Vibe and the Ion. The Vibe can run on CO2 and HP, and the Ion can be upgraded to tournament level. These three guns will run you about $100-200. BUT you can find used Ions with upgrades for around $150. Try for used guns.

Is the vibe a good paintball gun?

It depends on what your definition of "good" is. The vibe was designed to bring the performance of an electropneumatic down to the price and simplicity level of entry markers. It's a simple and dependable gun that performs very well. It's not as upgradeable as a BT or rough and tough as a tippmann but for entry level speed ball or rec ball its great.

Looking for a good paintball gun for a recreational player who plays 6 plus times a year and is looking to spend 200-500 on a gun. What is your personal with guns in that range?

A good starter gun is a Smart Parts Vibe. This gun is very easy to clean, and easy on the wallet. Not to mention it is very easy to upgrade and it can run off of CO2 and high pressure saving you even more money.

Do you have to use nitrogen with an ion paintball gun?

Yes, Ions only run on High Pressure Air (aka nitro or nitrogen) CO2 will not work. actually if you get your hands on a regulator off a vibe or sp1 the ion will be safe to use with co2 since the vibe and sp1 are the same as the ion except with a different (and co2 friendly) regulator, however it is almost required that you have a Anti-siphon tube installed in your co2 tank in order to get the whole system to work well together

What do smart cars run on?

Smart cars run on petroleum.

What is the best paintball marker under 200?

That depends on how much you are willing to spend and whether or not you want instant full auto or nxl full auto. Autococker Trilogies are good guns and they use the NXL auto, while if I was going to get a new gun right now I would get the Tippmann X7 Phenom it is semi or instant full auto.

Can a paintball CO2 tank run on compressed air?

Yes, most sear tripping (mechanical, tippmann style) paintball guns, however, will run, with some fine right tuning, on either CO2 or compressed air. Most blowbacks (tippmann, spyder, azodin, bt) are "meant" to run on C02 and may run into problems with HPA without some internal adjustment. With very few exceptions (SP1 and SP vibe) spool vavle markers cannot run on CO2, and those that can, need an anti siphon tank so they do not get liquid into their valve. Almost every other gun will run great on HPA.

Can E85 fuel be used in your 2010 Pontiac Vibe?

Probably not. My 2009 Vibe won't run it and since the 2010 was the last year model, I doubt seriously that any major modifications were made to the Vibe. I believe all GM vehicles that run E85 have a yellow gas cap, and an E85 sticker on the inside of the gas door (and a FlexFuel decal on the car somewhere?).

What is a good speedball paintball gun to get?

It really depends on how deep you want to get into paintball. Smart Parts is a brand that alot of people start out with. The Smart Parts Vibe can run off of HP or CO2, and is only around 100$. The Ion and Ion XE are great guns merely because you can upgrade anything you want out of them. Now if you want to drop some cash. A Planet Eclipse Etek 2 runs a little over $500 but it a very solid gun. Dye's are good but the older models tend to leak and eat up air. Protos are good as well. P.S. With all the other guns, minus the vibe. You MUST have a HP tank. stay away from anything smart parts, SP is currently circling the drain and may not be around much longer, currently the Invert Mini and the PMR are two markers that really stick out in the mid range category, beyond that if you want to go high end and have a very smooth and quiet shot a used Dye is a great marker (i recomend buying a rebuild kit when you get the marker, this will have the marker shooting like brand new again) or if you want better gas efficiency a ego line marker will help with that (again get a rebuild kit for a used one)

Can a raven primal paintball gun run on co2?

It can if the CO2 tank you have is anti-siphoned, but your taking a risk. It is best to run the marker on HPA (compressed air, Nitro, whatever you want to call it.) The CO2 could ruin the solenoid.

Can the empire axe run on co2?

It can but i would not recommend it because CO2 will freeze the line so use HPR

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