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Not legally. No player is allowed in the penalty area whilst a goal kick is being taken other than the player taking the goal kick (usually the goalkeeper). If anotehr outfield player takes the goal kick then the goalkeeper can be in the penalty area. No player is allowed the touch the ball after the kick is taken until it leaves the penalty area.

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Q: Can the opposition be in the penalty area whilsta goal kick is being taken?
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What is the difference between free kick and penalty?

The main differences are that a penalty is only taken from the penalty spot inside the box, and a free kick is taken from where the offence took place, and can happen anywhere on the pitch unless it was a penalty. The opposition is allowed to put up a wall of players to defend the free kick, in a penalty it is only the penalty taker against the goalkeeper.

What is the purpose of the penalty arc?

The penalty arc ensures that all players are at least 10 yards away when a penalty kick is being taken. It is not considered to be part of the penalty area.

Who can be in the penalty area when a penalty kick is taken?

When a penalty kick is taken, only the kicker, the goalkeeper, the referee, and one assistant referee are allowed to be inside the penalty area.

What is the semi circle for on the goaline in soccer for?

It is to keep other players a distance of 10 yards away when a penalty is being taken.

When a player is penalised for offside in netball what is the penalty and where should it be taken?

The ball is given to the opposing team, the penalty is taken from the sense of the infringement

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Where is a penalty kick is taken?

A penalty kick is taken from the Penalty Mark, a painted disc 12 yards from the goal line and equidistant from the goal posts. The ball is considered to be legally placed if any part of it is on or over any part of the penalty mark.

How is a free pass taken in netball?

A free pass is taken were the penalty occured.

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What is the half circle at the edge of the penalty box in football used for?

It is called the penalty arc. It is to ensure that defenders are 10 yards from the penalty spot when a penalty kick is taken.

Are their any penalty's in rugby?

There are many offences in rugby that can result in a penalty. In rugby, penalties are taken from where the offence occured and the team then has a couple of options. They can Kick for goal (which is worth 3 points), they can just kick to touch (the throw in will be taken by the kicking team as part of the penalty), they can have a scrum and will have the put in. Or finally they can tap the ball, which restarts the game, there and then (the opposition have to be atleast 10 metres away though). Offences include: holding onto the ball on the ground (after being tackled), violent conduct, tackling a player in the air, high tackle, deliberate knock on, intentionally collapsing the scrum (inproper bindings), obstruction, offside, unsportsmenlike conduct and many more.

Penalty shot in netball?

penalty pass or shots are taken when obstruction has occured inthe shooting circle