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yes the goalie can do that but i don't think the goalie would want to kick the puck because it might result in a goal.Also the goalie can save the puck with any part of his body.

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Q: Can the hockey goalie kick the puck stop it with any part of the body or allow it to rebound off of the body or hand?
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Who can use their feet arms and body to stop the ball in field hockey?

The Goalie

What team member can use feet arms and body to stop the ball in hockey?

The goalie

Can a hockey player cover a puck on the goalies back?

Not with his hand if the goalie is in the crease. However, a player may fall (lay) on his goaltender, inadvertently covering the puck with his body.

What is stroke in hockey?

The most scary thing you will ever do in field hockey. Defiantly if your the goalie.To get a stroke, the goalie has to make the ball unplayable (example: the goalie sits on the ball) or if a player otherthan the goalie blocks the ball from a goal with any body part (example: hands or feet).This penalty is just between one player and the goalie. The goalie stands on the goal line and the player places the ball on the stroke line (the foot long line, about 5 steps in front of the goal line).The ref will say "goalie ready" and then "stroker ready". When both say yes, they will blow their whistle The stroker will then attempt to hit the ball into the goal and the goalie block it.About 80% of the time, the ball will make it into the goal. Lol, not the best thing to hear if your a goalie (like me). But don't worry, strokes are VERY rare.

In the NHL can body check the goalie?

You are not allowed to check the goalie whatsoever in the NHL. If you do, a goalie interference penalty will be called and your team will be shorthanded.

How do you screen a goalie?

To screen a goalie you use your body to block the goalies vision of the puck.

Can you body check the goalie if he plays the puck?


What is ice hocky?

ice hockey is a sport with 2 teams 2 nets and a puck. Each team has a goalie with a lot of padding on. Ice hockey has 3 quarters that are 15 min long. You can "check" or hit a person with your own body but not with the hockey stick. And some times you might get in a fist fight until some one gets knocked to they ground. That is just a brief discription on hackey. :)

Which has more body contact basketball or hockey?

hockey by far

What does FIH stand for in hockey?

In field hockey, FIH stands for Federation Internationale de Hockey (International Hockey Federation) and is the ruling body of international hockey.

What are 5 major parts in the body used in hockey?

Five major body parts used in hockey include, arms, legs, brain, eyes and fingers. Hockey players use many parts of their body to be successful.

When does an elastic rebound happen?

When a body collides with another body and is not completely deformed, transmiting all its energy to the other body. Bounce.

What has the author Nicola Julie Evans written?

Nicola Julie Evans has written: 'Body composition of female college hockey players' -- subject(s): Hockey players, Female -- college students -- body composition, FEMALE hockey players -- College students -- Body composition, BODY composition -- Female hockey players -- College students

What are the Field hockey Goalie rules?

First of all, a goalie is somone who wears at least a helmet and a different coloured shirt. A goalie of this type has goalie priveleges when in their own circle, can play using only their stick inside their 23 metre area, and can remove the helmet safely off the field to play anywhere. If they do not put the helmet back on, they still have goalie priveleges. A goalie wearing at least the helmet, shirt, kickers and legguards has goalie priveleges in the circle, can play using only their stick inside their 23 metre area, and cannot influence play outside that (except when taking a stroke). Both must wear the helmet when defending a stroke. When the ball is inside their circle and they are holding their stick, they can use any part of their body to stop or deflect a shot at goal in any direction (including over the backline), and can use only their stick, legs/legguards, and kickers/feet to clear the ball a long distance. They must not lie on the ball.

What is the name of the highest governing body in Hockey?

It depends on the type of hockey. For field hockey, it is the International Hockey Federation (FIH). For ice hockey, it is the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)

Why is lacrosse different from other sports?

Like in hockey, they use sticks, but carry a ball in a net at the end of them and may hit their opponents stick or body.It is played on a field similar to a soccer field, but you can go behind the goal.There is a crease which only the goalie can be in.It is very aggressive like hockey or football, with the ability to hit people (Checking) with the stick.

What part of the body does hockey do for your body?

your question makes no sense!

What body part are you NOT allowed to use in soccer?

Only the goalie can use his hands - but all other body parts are usable for players.

What does ice hockey do for your body?

it hurts it.

What is the name of the governing body that oversees international ice hockey events?

The International Ice Hockey Federation is the name of the governing body that oversees ice hockey events. It is also known as the IIHF and consists of at least 70 members.

How do shock absorbers stop an automobile from continually bouncing?

Shock absorbers or dampners are resistive to motion. The spring will allow your suspension to flex up and down. The shock absorber is a hydraulic valve that has 2 motions compression and rebound. The compression motion happens when the shock is being compressed or the tire is moving into the body. The rebound happens as the shock is expanding or the tire is moving away from the body. The shock stabilizes the suspension travel and different types of shocks with different settings can change how quickly the suspension reacts to spring motions.

Why can only goalie use hands in soccer?

The goalkeeper can use every part of his body in the goal.

Who was golden boot winner of FIFA hockey 2006?

FIFA is the governing body of international soccer, not hockey!!

How Hockey Helps What if your Body?

what dose that mean

The governing body of international hockey?