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Q: Can the defense touch the ball on a throw in if the offensive hold the ball on the inbound side in piaa basketball?
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Which team offense or defense cannot be inside the free throw lane for more than 3 seconds in basketball game?

The Offensive Team

Is it possible to waive a free throw in exchange for a ball possession from an inbound pass from a sideline on a basketball game?


What is a field goal in basketball mean?

any basket that is made when the defense is defending (ie not a free throw/foul shot)

Where do you inbound the ball if a free throw misses the rim?

you inbound the ball on the side closest where it missed. if its in the middle either side would be fine.

Do players need more energy to throw or pass a basketball?

The players do not need energy to throw or pass a basketball

What are the different basketball setups that are legal in high school basketball?

There is triangle, where you set screens and try to inbound the ball. there is stack, where the team on defece piles up on the the ofence blocking the hoop there is high and low, where the two biggest girls go down at the bottom by the hoop...the mediem girls go by the free throw line...and your point guard is at the 3 pt. line trying to throw it to one of the girls on low

A throw that is worth 1 point in basketball is?

A free throw.

Is there an assistant coach on a basketball team?

Yes, there are usually several assistant coaches on a basketball team. These coaches can be in charge of offense, defense, shooting, playmaking, and other parts of the game. The Washington team in the NBA has an assistant coach in charge of free throw shooting.

What is loafing in basketball?

when you throw the basketball to a person a few inches or feet fron you

Why do you use a ball on basketball?

In basketball you try to throw the ball into the hoop(basket) so that is why you use a ball in basketball.

What do you call where you play basketball?

Basketball players.

How do you use throw as a noun?

"Throw" as a noun refers to an act of throwing something. For example, you can make a long throw in baseball or a quick throw in basketball.