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It all depends on what type of Kickball you are playing. In traditional kickball you don't even have to touch the ball. As long as the ball touches the runner, the runner is out. Even if the "kicker" kicks the ball at a runner that is not on a base, the runner is out. There are different kinds of rules about this type of situation that can be adjusted to your liking

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Q: Can the defense in kickball kick the ball at the runners feet and hit them with the ball on the ground?
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Is a runner out if a Pitcher makes an attempt on a ground ball and it hit a runner?

No it is not kickball.

Do you have to use a kickball in kickball or will any other ball be ok?

any ball will do

What are the differences between softball and kickball?

In kickball, the ball is rolled down to home plate and you have to kick the ball. In softball, the ball is thrown underhand and you have to hit it with your bat. Sometimes in kickball, you can get pegged which is when they chuck the ball and you, in softball that's not allowed. Also in kickball, the ball is made of rubber, in softball its much harder and dangerous.

Can a runner return to first base on a ground ball without being out?

No, when a ball is hit on the ground, the runners must try and advance to the next base.

How do you kick a ball in kickball?

with your foot.

Rule concerning a ball caught in the air and dropped when hitting the ground?

If there were less than 2 outs and were runners on base, the runners go back to their bases and the batter is out.

If you hit a ball to second base with runners on first and second base and both runners advance to the next base and the hitter gets thrown out is this a sacrifice?

No. A sacrifice is when the batter turns around to bunt and lets everyone on the defense know what they are going to do. The batter is 'sacrificing' (allowing the defense to get him/her out) so the runners can advance one base.

If a player in possession is on the ground not tackled may the defense take the ball from him?


What are the equipment used in kickball?

your hands your feet and a rubber ball

Is kick ball a professional sport?

Kickball is not a professional sport.

What size ball is used for kickball?

The ball is easiest to kick without hurting your foot is a soccerball.

How do you throw a kickball?

You throw it like any other ball. its easy.