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they can if they want i guess but who eally cares about the C

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Q: Can the captain of a basketball team wear a C on their jersey?
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What is new jerseys basketball team?

Look for Custom made basketball jerseys that are durable and can withstand regular wear and tear during gameplay.

What is a basketball jersey?

A basketball Jersey is a the shirt's players wear to identify which team they are on usually they are numbered.

In soccer does the home team wear a white or dark jersey?

The home jersey is usually dark and the away jersey is usually light. At least with football and basketball, those are the rules of thumb.

Are numbers on college basketball jersey according to position on team?

Any position on a college basketball team can wear numbers(0-5,10-15,20-25,30-35,40-45,and 50-55).

What font is used in the Oklahoma state basketball jersey?

The Oklahoma state basketball team nicknamed the Cowboys wear jerseys of black and orange. The font on their jerseys is Arabic.

What clothes do they wear in boys basketball?

Usually a jersey some basketball shorts and basketball shoes

When basketball players are at home what color jersey do they wear?


What do woman wear when playing basketball?

The same thing men wear: shorts and a jersey.

What to wear to a basketball game?

Basketball jersey, basketball shorts, athletic socks and any type of basketball shoes and protective gear if needed.

What do you wear when you play team sports?

you wear the normal equipment for the sport butt you'd have to wear the team Jersey and team colours

What does the captain on a soccer team wear?

They wear the same clothing and shirts except the captain has a yellow ring around his sleeve with a C on it for Captain

What do basketball teams wear?

long mesh shorts, usually to the knees and a jersey