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Sorry not this year. They had an outside chance if they beat Kansas City and a lot of other things happened but by losing to Kansas City they fell out of contention.

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Q: Can the broncos still make the playoffs?
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Are the chargers in the 2008 playoffs?

Through Week 16 of the 2008 season, the Chargers are not in the playoffs. However, should they defeat the Denver Broncos in the last game of the season played December 28 they will make the playoffs as the AFC West Division champion. If they lose or tie, the Broncos will make the playoffs as the AFC West Division champion.

Are the broncos going to the playoffs?

yes they are

Who did Denver Broncos play in the playoffs in 1998?

no they did not

Will Denver make playoffs?

If you are referring to the 2013-2014 season, yes, the Denver Broncos did make the playoffs and will be playing in the Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks on February 2nd, 2014.

Will most likey the broncos win there first playoffs game?

it is a 50% chance the broncos will win there frist game in playoffs because the steelers are haveing a bad year

Who did steelers loose to in 1989 div playoffs?

Denver Broncos

Did the broncos beat the patriots in the playoffs?

In 2012 playoff game

Can the packers still make the playoffs?


Will Jay Cutler lead the Broncos to the playoffs in the 2007 season?

probabaly not

What team did the Steelers lose to in the 1989 Divisonal Playoffs?

Denver Broncos


The last ten meetings between the Patriots and Broncos - 2002 - Broncos 24, Patriots 16 2003 - Patriots 30, Broncos 26 2005 - Broncos 28, Patriots 20 (regular season) -- Broncos 27, Patriots 13 (playoffs) 2006 - Broncos 17, @ Patriots 7 2008 - Patriots 41, Broncos 7 2009 - Broncos 20, Patriots 17 OT 2011 - Patriots 41, Broncos 23 (regular season) -- Patriots 45, Broncos 10 (playoffs) 2012 - Patriots 31, Broncos 21

Who was the last quarterback to take the Denver Broncos to the playoffs?

Jake Plummer in 2005