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nope it depends on your form and how you release the ball.

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Q: Can the brand of your bowling ball make you a better bowler?
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Is throwing a bowling ball considered as work?

If you are a professional bowler, then yes.

Is the dv8 ruckus a good bowling ball?

Any bowling ball can be a good bowling ball for a person. It really depends on the lane conditions, surface of the ball, the bowler and how they bowl as well as the drilling of the ball itself.

Is a Brunswick Rhino bowling ball better than a Brunswick Laser?

Any bowling ball is a tool that can be worthless if not fitted correctly, drilled with the right pattern for the bowler and has a surface condition that is appropriate for the condition bowled. Or it can be the best ball if the previous is right.

What bowling ball is better a 2 cruel or a primal scream?

It would depend on the lane condition, the style of deliver from the bowler, ball speed, surface adjustments to the ball and the drilling pattern used.

What basic equipment is used for bowling?

The basic equipment needed for a bowler is the bowling ball and bowling shoes. A bag to carry the ball in is common. Some bowlers use wrist aids for support.

What is a turky in bowling?

A turky in bowling is the classic error made when bowling with a to heavy and to big fingerholes ball. When loading the throw, the bowler looses the ball backwards and it flyes backwards towards the other bowlers. Happens frequently, and was last observed in Atyrau KZ. Bowler: Gro Ostrem

What is a bowling adjustment?

Commonly, a bowling adjustment, is referring to either where a bowler is standing or where a bowling is aiming when throwing the ball. This is done in order to better have the ball hit the "pocket" or for picking up spares. When getting into more advanced bowling techniques, you will find that you will be making adjustments though out each game as the oil on the lane breaks down and your shot changes.

What kind of ball did the dude use in the big lebowski?

The dude is an avid bowler. The kind and weight of his bowling ball is never made clear.

Is a polyester Brunswick bowling ball good?

A polyester ball is also known as a plastic ball. The ball will not "hook", unless the bowler has a decent rev rate, or the lanes are dry.

How can a reactive resin bowling ball give you a high score?

Assuming you're already a decent bowler who can hit the pocket consistently, a reactive resin ball can give you a better angle into the pocket than a plastic or hard rubber ball. It accomplishes this by sliding down the lane while friction heats up the reactive resin coverstock, then hooking hard when the the ball "grabs" the lane. This results in a sharper angle into the pocket than non-reactive balls. This phenomenon is further enhanced by the shape of the heavy "core" of the bowling ball and the position of the finger holes relative to this core. This improvement in coverstock and core technology provides a greater benefit to better bowlers. A $250 bowling ball will not make a 120-average bowler into a 180-average bowler, but a 180-average bowler can improve their average noticeably with a properly fitted and drilled ball chosen to complement their normal shot and lane conditions.

What happens when a bowler hits the batter with a ball whilst bowling in rounders?

Yes, by means of run out only! If the bowler hits the wicket at the non-strikers end before he actually bowls the ball then it is not given out!

What form of energy is used in bowling?

There are two ways.The RIGHT way to do it is completely through gravity. A very good bowler will swing the ball back then relax the arm muscles, allowing gravity to pull the ball down. A less proficient bowler will use arm muscles to try to power the ball down the lane. The first way works better.