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On any down, if the offense recovers their own fumble, they can advance it as far as they can until tackled, or run out of bounds.

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Q: Can the ball be advanced after a fumble on 4th down?
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Can a fumble be advanced on a kickoff in college football?

Yes. The only 'weird' fumble rule is on 4th down. On 4th down, only the fumbler may advance his own fumble. If any other offensive player gets possession, the ball is dead and placed at the spot of the fumble. Since a kickoff is, by definition, not 4th down, it can be advanced.

If your at the 4th and goal and you fumble the ball in the endzone and your team mate recovers it what would it be?

I believe it would be ruled as a touchdown, but I have no research to prove this. In the NFL, it would be a touchdown at all times except the final two minutes of each half. In the final two minutes of a half, if a ball is fumbled forward it must be recovered by the player that fumbled it for the yardage to count. So in those instances, the ball would go over to the other team on downs at the point of the fumble. At all times in the NFL, the only offensive player who is eligible to recover a fumble going forward on fourth down is the player who fumbled it. Within the last two minutes of either half, the same rule applies on every down. The ball is considered dead at the spot of the fumble under these circumstances, so the defense would take over at that spot. This play would never result in a touchdown.


You need to run the ball 10 yards in order to make a first down. If you fail to do this the downs fall to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. The ball gets turned over after the 4th down if you failed to either punt the ball away or make a first down by then.

What is the meaning of 1st down in football?

each team has 4 attempts to go 10 yards, if they don't get 10 yards it is the other teams ball that's why teams punt on 4th down most of the time to get the ball down further away from their end zone because if they try to advance on 4th down the team gets the ball right there

Why would a football player punt the ball?

If the team is down to their 4th down and have yet to make the 10 yards to get to 1st down again, a team would either set up for a field goal if they are in range, or simply punt the ball instead of attempting a 4th and long.

4th and Goal?

It's where you're on 4th down and have to make a goal or it's an automatic turn over and the other team gets the ball.

When is it bad to intercept the football in football?

One example of when it's bad to intercept is when the player intercepts the ball in their own territory but then suddenly loses the ball either by fumble or being stripped and allows the other team to score easy. If a player is not going to hold onto the ball, then it is bad for him to intercept. Another example is when it is 4th down, and the quarterback throws the ball far down the field. If you intercept it, you get the ball back where you caught it (or where you get tackled). If you just bat the ball away so that the other team can't catch it, then you get the ball where the play started, which is better for your team. (This assumes a few things, like that there is still time left in the game, and that you are going to get tackled soon after you intercept the ball, but the basic idea is true.) There are also extremely rare times when a defensive player has run out of bounds, and is therefore ineligible to intercept a pass or recover a fumble, where he is the first defensive player to touch the ball. When this occurs, he can let the pass fall incomplete, or allow a teammate to make a legal interception, or catch the ball legally after it is touched by another player.

Which advanced macroeconomics textbooks are best?

Advanced macro economis. Romer 4th edition

If you kick a field goal on 3rd down and miss can you re-kick it on 4th down?

Unless the ball does not cross the line of scrimmage, no you can not re-kick on fourth down. Missing the field goal would turn the ball over to the opposing team. or unless there is a foul and the down is replayed

On 4th and inches can a center just move the ball forward for a first down?

sure it wont count...and is a 5 yard penalty

How many ways to get first down?

Alot, either pass the ball, which is the best choice or run the ball. If in a long yardage situation, the best choice is to pass the ball. Another one, but also dangerous, fake punt on 4th down and run or pass it with the punter. The same on field goals.

Three ways a turnover can occur on a football field?

Fail 4th down Fumblue the ball trow a interseption xD i do none of the above!

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