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It is possible, as the Seahawks are an NFC team and the Broncos are in the AFC.

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Q: Can the Seahawks and the Broncos meet in the Super Bowl?
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Have the 49ers ever played the packers in the Super Bowl?

No, they are both in the NFC and are therefore unable to meet in Super Bowl

Who were the first coaches to meet in the Super Bowl who previously won a Super Bowl?

Chuck Noll of the Steelers and Tom Landry of the Cowboys in Super Bowl X. Noll had won Super Bowl IX and Landry had won Super Bowl VI.

Can two teams meet only in the super bowl?


Can the New York Giants and Denver Broncos play in the 2012 season against each other?

Only if they meet in the Super Bowl. They are not scheduled to play each other during the 2012 regular season.

Do the members of the winning team of a Super Bowl game get to meet the US president?

Yes, they do get to meet the President.

Did the New England Patriots play the Pittsburgh Steelers in a Super Bowl?

No, they did not. The Patriots and the Steelers are both from the AFC. They cannot meet each other in the Super Bowl.

Did the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers play each other in the Super Bowl?

Being from the same conference, the Steelers and Ravens cannot play each other in the Super Bowl. They did meet in the AFC championship game to decide the Super Bowl XLIII representative.

Could the Green Bay Packers play the Chicago Bears in the super bowl?

No, the winners of the AFC championship game plays the winner of the NFC championship game in the Super Bowl. Since both the Packers and Bears are in the NFC, they cannot meet in the Super Bowl.

Did the saints ever play dallas in the Super Bowl?

The New Orleans Saints and the Dallas Cowboys could never meet in the Super Bowl because they both are in the National Football Conference.

When was the last time two teams with identical regular season records competed in the Super Bowl?

2000-2001 Season. Ravens and Giants were both 12-4 and meet in the Super Bowl.

Did the redskins play the49ers in a Super Bowl?

No. The Redskins and the 49ers CAN'T play in the Super Bowl because they play in the same conference. The latest they could meet would be in the NFC Championship game.

Did the New York Giants play a Super Bowl game against the Chicago Bears?

No. The NY Giants and the Chicago Bears both play in the NFC, therefore they cannot meet in the Super Bowl.

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