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No. The DH cannot play a defensive position unless he is brought in for the person for whom he is DH-ing. This is a full substitution and negates the DH status. Should the coach re-enter the original player, he must bat in place of the original DH, and the original DH may not re-enter the game.

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actually, they could, all you really need for a game, is a pitcher and a batter, the fielders are just for real games. although the only way for the batter to get out is to get struck out or if the batter hits a "line drive" to the pitcher and he catches it.

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Q: Can the DH in HS baseball play a defensive position later in the game?
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Can a pitcher be put into a position on the field after pitching to pitch later in the game?

It depends on the level of play. Some allow that if the starting pitcher is removed from the mound, but put in a defensive position, he can then come back to pitch later in the game, but only once an inning.

What is a shortstop?

That is the baseball or softball fielding position between second and third base.

What does the term nickleback refer to in football?

A Nickleback is a defensive position in football who is not in on all plays. It is a cornerback position who is considered the fifth defensive back on the line. This position only enters the game when a nickel defense is required.

Can a player who has entered the game as a courtesy runner only later sub in for another player?

On defense, a courtesy runner can sub for any position they want the next half inning thy play (if the coach wants) or just come out of the game. They can't, however, sub in again as a courtesy runner, and if taken out of the game from pinch running (not DH or playing a defensive position) they can't come back into the game.

What is a 'starting goalkeeper'?

"Starting" player for any game is the player who begins the game playing that position. He may be swapped out later and replaced.

Which position in the united states game of baseball is not played in the national league?

Designated hitter.

In high school baseball can the pitcher be removed and return later in that game as a pitcher?

No. In high school baseball, once a pitcher is called out of a game he is done for the day.

Can a college baseball player Re enter a game?

Nope, but what you can do is pull a fielder in another position and temporarily have the current pitcher play in that position while another pitcher fills in at the mound. After the new pitcher is done he can be pulled, the original pitcher can be moved back to the mound, and another player put in the position he was in.

Is pitching more important than batting?

Baseball is an odd sport in that the defensive team has the only opportunity to score points. The pitcher has the single most important offensive position in the game. If the pitcher does not succeed in his goal of getting the ball past the batter, then the other members of the offense must "take up the slack." However, the defensive batter has the only position that can score. If you are in the dugout, then the most important player to you is the batter. If you are in the field, then the most important player is the pitcher. If you have a bat in your hand, then you better be sure the most important player is you.

What are the release dates for Game Changers - 2011 I Game Changers Defensive Backs 1-3?

Game Changers - 2011 I Game Changers Defensive Backs 1-3 was released on: USA: 13 April 2011

What do you do if there is a storm and a baseball game is tied after the fifth inning?

The game is then considered suspended and will resume at a later date, generally the next day.

What is a defensive game plan?

One that counts on more defensive ideals than offensive ideals. For instance, an offensive game plan would include ways to run screens on defenders, how to score many points in a few possessions, etc., while a defensive game plan would focus on the defensive end of the floor to try to slow the offense down, to block shots, etc.