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In 1909 there was a person who went to the World Series w/ a billy goat. The people who worked there in Wrigley didnt allow the goat to come in the stadium so he/she put a spell on the cubs to never win a world series again

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Q: Can the Curse of the Billy Goat be reversed and how the Chicago Cubs are under the under the curse?
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What baseball team has The Curse of the billy Goat?

Chicago Cubs

How did the myth of a curse on the Chicago Cubs start?

The Chicago Cubs were apparently afflicted by the "Curse of the billy goat," in 1945, and immediately after lost the next 12 consecutive games. After each loss, the team grew more convinced that they were cursed, and tried a bit less each time.

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Who played in the 1918 World Series?

In the 1918 World Series, the Boston Red Sox defeated the Chicago Cubs 4-2. After this the Red Sox's Curse of the Babino started with the financing of Babe Ruth. The CHicago Cubs also began their Curse of the Billy Goat.

How long did the Curse of the Bambino last for the Cubs?

The curse had nothing to do with the Chicago Cubs. The Curse of the Bambino evolved around the Boston Red Sox, and it lasted 84 seasons (1920-2003).

Which baseball team has a curse of the Bambino?

It was actually the Chicago Cubs

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What two team has had a curse in baseball?

Cubs (curse of the goat) and Red Sox (curse of the Bambino)

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What year were the cubs cursed?

The curse of the Billy Goat was supposedly placed in 1945, the last time the Cubs were in the World Series. You can read more about this alleged curse by clicking on the link in the related link section.

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