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Q: Can stroke and match play be played simultaniously?
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Can you play a morning round and then play a match p m?

You are allowed to play the course prior to a match play round, but not prior to a stroke play round. Penalty for playing the course prior to a stroke play competition is disqualification.

What is stroke play?

Stroke Play is the "Standard" way of playing Golf, wehere ieach stroke is counted and the player with the lowest score is the winner.This is opposed to MAtch Play where each hol is contested individualy and the player who wins the most Holes wins the match

How do you know which golf club to use in stroke play?

It doesn't matter if it's stroke play or match play. The club you use depends on the distance to the hole and your lie.

Do you need to complete a golf score card if you only played 12 holes in match play?

In matchplay there is no need to fill in a scorecard. In stroke play however, if you do not play all 18 holes it is classed as a NR.

When did Pele play his first match?

Pele played his first match when he was seventeen, and played for Brazil.

How are pairings decided in PGA tournaments?

This kind of match play bracket is typical of match play championships such as the U.S. Amateur or U.S. Public Links Championship. To qualify for match play, players must first compete in a preliminary stroke play competition (after qualifying through local and sectional rounds). The top 64 scores (playoffs for final spots) are entered into the first round of match play.

What happens if you break the golf rules?

Breaking the rules of golf either result in a one or two shot penalty or disqualification in stroke play and a loss of hole in match play.

Who did Scotland play in their first international match in 1872?

They played England.

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How do you get to pick what map is played on modern warfare 2?

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Where do Australia play their Christmas test match?

Actually, it's a Boxing Day test match, played on 26 December, the day after Christmas. The Boxing Day test match is played at the MCG, or Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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