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Q: Can someone sucking on your nipples cause your breasts to become sore and lumpy?
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Do nipples become big over sucking?

Well ye I had my nipples sucked and they got better

Do nipples become big by over sucking?

Well ye I had my nipples sucked and they got better

Do breasts become hard during sexual intercourse?

Yes, in a way. Its the nipples that become hard.

Is it a symptom of pregnancy for your breasts to be sore and turn a mottled strange color?

I know that your breasts will become sore and your nipples and the skin around them will change color.

Why are my nipples so tiny?

It is genetic. Most likely, they will get larger, as will your breasts, when or if you become pregnant and have a child so that it can nurse.

You have Mirena IUC and had your period for 4 days which is uncommon your breasts and nipples have become extremely sore please help?

You are probably pregnant.

Side effects of breast sucking during foreplay?

When [during floor-play or another time] you are having your breasts sucked on it possible for them to become sore. Now this can enlarge your breasts if you do it once a day on each breasts for four weeks. Eventually your breast will start to produce the milk and grow and your lover can taste it but for the recorded breast milk if flavorless. Happy sucking and growing!

Nipples become lighter color?

Nipples become darker when pregnant

Is sucking of breasts increase there size?

yes when a someone suck the boobs of girl (or women), and press their boobs, the woman become horney and her boobs muscles and boobs size become big. the boobs are the most attractive part in female's body.... it attract any men and his penis.

Can You Become A Vampire Be Sucking Somelse's Blood?

No, one can not become a vampire by "sucking someone elses' blood" in other words, you would not become a vampire bu drinking blood, or all the cannibals in the world would have tremendous strength and what-not. VAMPIRES do not even exist you twilight lover.

How do you errect your nipples?

You can squeeze and pinch your nipples and they will become more erect.

Your girlfriend and you had your first sex it was wonderful but when she sucked your nipples why did it hurt at first?

During puberty many boys' nipples become very sensive and indeed some boys grow small breasts, which like the tenderness and increased sensitivity, generally reduces again as you pass through puberty. And remember that if you think that your nipples are senitive it might help you to realise just how sensitive your girlfriend's nipples are.

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