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There are a number of stores that sell RBK hockey equipment. These include the official Reebok Hockey store, Hockey Giant, Hockey Monkey and CCM Hockey.

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Q: Can someone purchase RBK hockey equipment?
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What is the best hockey helmet?

i think its the RBK 8k :p

What is the most bought hockey jersey?

Sidney Crosby's Pittsburgh Penguins Black RBK hockey jersey

Who makes the best hockey helmet?

Theres no best hockey helmet. Some of the better brands are Itech, RBK, Bauer.

When does the RBK 808 hockey stick come out?

It was going to come out in April but it got delayed. The new date is October 1.

What rbk bat does jayasuriya uses?

i think he uses RBK zigtech

Why is there a CCM label on the tongue of my RBK ice skates?

CCM is a Canadian company that originally built bicycles, but in 1905 began building hockey skates followed by other hockey equipment as well. In more recent years CCM acquired other hockey equipment companies such as KOHO and JOFA. In 2004 CCM was acquired by Rebok who also kept the KOHO and JOFA names as well. The CCM and KOHO logos are still used on Rebok hockey equipment for tradition's sake, as they are known brands. On a side note Adidas purchased Rebok in 2006, so future versions of the skates could be multi-branded.

Are rbk 4k hockey blades wood?

of course not, it would not be able to dig into the icee properly and you would just slip and fall around

Rbk 9k mini stick?

it is identical to the original rbk 9k hoackey stick but miniature

What are two common meanings for the initialization RBK?

One common meaning for the initialization of "RBK" is the shoe company Reebok. Another common meaning for RBK is a corporation has been in service since 1970.

What hockey shinguard is closest to the Jofa 9040?

You will probably find the RBK 7K Pro (made in Sweden) to be the closest. The 8K is more like the Jofa 9060 or 9090.

Which is better Bauer vapor XII or rbk 3k?

It's you opinion... (^_^) I go with the RBK 3K

What are some skate brands?

Some of the best hockey skate brands are CCM, RBK, and Easton. Some of the best figure skate brands are Riedell, CCM, and Super Teri

What are the top five lightest hockey skates on the market?

1 ccm u+ 2 easton s15 3 not quite sure but i think its Nike baur one95 4 rbk 9k 5 not sure 1 ccm u+ 2 easton s15 3 not quite sure but i think its Nike baur one95 4 rbk 9k 5 not sure

Why has Jayasuriya changed his bat from Kookaburra to RBK?

The bat is the same but the sticker has changed. RBK, MRF, Hero Honda and Britannia use the bat face for Brand management. They are not serios bat makers nor cricket equipment manufacturers. Most of the cricketers use the bats manufactured by SS, BAS, Bradbury and Kookaburra. Ganesh

What hockey skates do the pros use?

Most players are sponsored and wear the brands they represent. But big name skates in the NHL are the Rbk 9k pump skates. Nike Bauer Ones are popular. and mission is still big in skates

What stick does Sidney Crosby use?

he use a rbk 11k stick

What is the best Reebok hockey stick?

The RBK O-Stick I would say either the Reebok O-stick, or a Nike Bauer. The Reebok O-stick is sued by Pavel Datsyuk and he is one of the best puck handlers in the I'd get that one.

Is RBK really Reebok?

Yes it is a short version for reebok

What is the best school to go to for teaching?

rbk school is the best i say its correct

Easton s19 Bauer x60 synergy st or rbk 808?

Easton synergy

Which skates are better RBK pump skates or Nike Bauer vapour?

Nike Bauer Vapor

What does Sidney Crosby use for skates?

a blade and boot haha r-tard he uses rbk

Can you put a brine head on a rbk shaft?

Yes. On most sticks you can mix and match head and shafts.

How many hockey brands are there?

This one is tough the answer because it varies by region. However, you have CCM, Koho, Bauer, Nike Bauer, Reebok(RBK), Harrow/Christian, Sherwood, Easton, Mission, Tour, Cooper, VIC, Warrior and I'm sure you can think of more. I would estimate about 15-25 suppliers in the US Canada and Mexico.

What ice hockey sticks are the best?

Each stick has different results.. Every stick has different flexes which give you better shots. I personally would recommend Easton Stealths, Nike Bauer One 90, Nike Bauer Vapors, Warrior, or Rbk.. but any composite stick will work. Price range is a factor. and what level you play on..