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During sanctioned league or tournament play, the bowler must consistently use the same hand throughout the league or tournament. If the bowler wishes to use both hands, he would have to use the right for one league or tournament and the left for the another. The bowler will have a sanctioned average for each hand.
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According to rule 118, a right handed bowler must always bowl right handed and a left handed bowler must always bowl left handed.

A bowler may use the two handed approach at any time during competition as long as they continue to bowl with the same dominant hand. For example, a bowler may bowl one handed right handed. They can at an time use the two handed approach as long as they continue to release the ball with the right hand.

The exception to this rule is that if the player is injured and cannot continue, he may finish with his other hand, but must establish a new average with that hand.

This information was received from Derek Eoff (whose email address may be found in the links section below), who handles rules questions for the USBC (United States Bowling Congress).

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Q: Can someone bowl two handed and one handed in the same game?
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