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Q: Can some tell you who makes Funder Wheels Go-karts?
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Where can one find more information about Honda GoKarts?

Information about Honda GoKarts available in the following websites: Gokarts USA, eBay, Kaxamotos and some videos about Honda GoKarts are available on youtube.

What are some good rims and tires for neon srt 4racing rims?

It depends on your preference and steel or aluminum wheels. Bassett wheels makes good steel wheels and some tracks require steel wheels. Tires are totally a matter of preference as there are literally hundreds of different styles and brands.

What makes 2002 impala rear tires rub with 20 wheels?

not enough clearance, you will have to raise the car up some.

What are some types of water wheels?

Some types of water wheels include overshot wheels, undershot wheels, breastshot wheels, and pitchback wheels. These water wheels differ in the way the water flows over or under them to generate mechanical power.

How matchbox cars are made?

almost made of the same material that Hot Wheels makes kind of metal stuff or maybe some make them in plastic

When was Give Me Some Wheels created?

Give Me Some Wheels was created on 1996-07-23.

Where can one purchase Sportmax wheels?

Sportsmax wheels can be purchased from many different stores and retailers. Some examples with the wheels in stock include eBay, Element Wheels, and XXR Wheels.

Where are some professional hot wheels designers?

Hot Wheels Designers work for Mattel in El Segundo CA. If you come to any of the Hot Wheels Conventions, you will get to meet some of them.

How many wheels in helicopter?

Different helicopters have different landing gear. some just have skids, some have 3 wheels, some have 4.

How much wheels a helicopter has?

None. It does not need wheels. It always takes off vertically. There are some helicopters w/ wheels and they have about 3 wheels. No more than 5.

How is the life without wheels?

Without wheels, you have foot traffic, horses and some boats.

Do you put chains on front or rear of Toyota Rav 4 with front wheel drive?

You put tire chains on the front wheels of a front wheel drive vehicle. The chains help the tires driving the car get a better grip on the road. Some people put chains on all wheels. That makes the brakes work on all wheels.