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At both ends of the field is a set of goalposts with a net.

The 2 corners have quadrants for corner kicks.

In front of the goal is the six-yard box for goal kicks.

Next comes the penalty spot for penalty kicks.

Then comes the penalty box which is the area where a penalty can be given for a foul.

Just at the edge of the penalty box is a semi circle which indicates the minimum distance of the rest of the players to the penalty taker.

Along the whole length of the field and on either side are the sidelines for throw-ins. Injured players also have to re-enter the pitch from outside the sidelines near the middle.

At the middle of the field is the kick-off spot, for kick-offs.

Around the spot is a large circle split in the centre by the half line.

The circle is to indicate the minimum distance between the players who are kicking-off and the the rest of the players.

The half line indicates the maximum proximity to the opponent's goal that a player can be at at kick-off.

That is all there is to a soccer field's anatomy.

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Q: Can some one explain the anatomy of a soccer field?
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Well, it depends on how good and how powerfull the soccer player is. A good amount of people can kick a soccer ball full field, some can kick it half field, it just depends on the player.

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some school do maths and they help or the manger tells the players whats number to stay on

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The answer depends on whether you wish to measure its length or area or some other characteristic.

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Any player may play anywhere on the field. Note that the goalkeeper loses some privileges once they leave their own penalty area.

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The moving object in Soccer is a Soccer Ball or "Futbol" as it is referred to by most nations other than the U.S. A high quality soccer ball is made up of many hexagonal (six sided), and pentagonal (five sided) patches that are sewn together as a cover. This cover may be constructed of anything ranging from simple rubber for practice balls, to expensive, game balls constructed with high tech fibers. Inside the cover is a strong, air-tight bladder that holds the air pressure for the soccer ball. The ball is close to being a perfect sphere, however more expensive game balls are better than cheaper, rubber balls in ALL areas! UMBRO, MITRE and other manufacturers offer a complete line of soccer balls that are generally considered of "high quality." Not only that, but you can buy some of these brand name balls for very reasonable prices. The best place to look for a high quality soccer ball is at you local sporting goods store, not a general retail store with a sports section. Some do's and don'ts: DON'T: Play with your soccer ball on ANY kind of hard pavement! This will damage the cover, over time, and quickly! DO: Only play with your soccer ball on a grassy area, field, or actual soccer field or "PITCH" as it is properly referred to. What you need to set up a decent soccer field "PITCH.": 1. A rectangular, flat, sodded field. (Search for soccer pitch dimensions on the web for size.) Avoid a field with a crown in the middle, such as a standard football field. This will alter the dynamics of the soccer ball as it reacts to the field. 2. Proper chalk lines: look up soccer chalk lines on the web for layout. 3. An official sized goal and a couple of balls for your needs: junior or adult etc. 4. Indoor soccer cleats are a nice addition. I like Mitre, Addidas, and Lotto brands. 5. Small orange cones are a good way to practice your moves! 6. Look up the set of rules for the game for soccer on the net. I'm sure it's out there, I don't want to explain all of it here. 7. One kicks a soccer ball with the inside, side of the left or right foot. 8. The ball can be "dribbled" or "crossed" or "passed" etc. BUT, only with one's feet and lower to mid body. To receive a hard pass, one can use his/her chest to "catch" the ball and then take over with his/her feet. 9. To "Cross" means to kick a pass, usually on the run, across the field of play to a fellow team mate. 9. To "Dribble" the soccer ball is to learn the art of gently kicking the ball with the insides of both feet, on the run, moving the ball down or across the field of play. 10. A "Pass" is just that. A pass of the soccer ball from one player to the next. The objective of the game is to score "goals" on the other team by kicking the soccer ball into "their goal." Each team has a "Goal Tender" to protect the goal. It's somewhat like Hockey. There is a lot more to learn about Soccer or Futbol, than I can explain here. As for the original question. LIterally, "What is Used in Soccer?" I would say a soccer ball, and a heck of a lot of energy spent by the players. The game is divided into two, 45min halves. That's 45min. of running and running. For more information look up Soccer on the Internet.

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