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No, There is in no way shape a form enough force behind the ball to create fire or even a spark.

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Q: Can soccer ball catch on fire by kicking it?
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Can soccer ball catch on fire if you kick it hard enough?

*laughing really, really hard* No. You would have to kick the ball with enough force that the friction with the air would cause enough heat to catch it on fire. Kicking a ball with this much force would probably just cause the stitches holding the ball together to disintegrate. If you put a matchbox-side on your shoe and red phosphorous (the stuff on match-heads) on the ball and then just skimmed the phosphorous-coated edge of the ball with your matchbox-side shoe, it might burn the phosphorous. However, the chance of successfully executing this are extremely low.

Difference between catch fire and catch ON fire?

Catch fire is a fictional term used in anime, and anime movies. Catch Fire means to catch fire, for example, you would catch a ball. Catching ON fire is lighting yourself on fire, or something else lighting you on fire. Big difference.

How do you catch a dark ball on Pokemon firered?

There is no dark ball in Pokemon fire red

How can you catch Mewtwo?

Well it matters what game you have, if you have Pokemon fire red, you can catch it with a master ball

What ball do you use to catch moltres in fire red?

you use the master ball or the ultra ball . hope i helped.

How do you catch fire Pokemon?

well for begginers. You should catch a fire Pokemon with its HP right down then throw. For proffesionals use a ball which is strong against fire types. BYE

What rod can you catch Psyduck with in Pokemon fire red?

throw a poka ball at him when he is weak.

How do you get a ball out of an air vent at your house?

you cant so do not turn it on or else your house will catch on fire

Can you catch moltres with a great ball?

Moltres is a legendary fire type of Pokémon in the Pokémon series. It is indeed possible to catch one with a great ball.

How did the cow started the fire?

by kicking the lamp

Is there a cheat to catch uxie with a ultra ball?

no but, i no a cheat to catch dialga on diamond first u use flamethower or fire punch then use a ultra ball and it works as a master ball.(it might work on other Pokemon games)

On Pokemon fire red how do you catch Zapdos?

you have to go to the power plant and i just caight him with a great ball!

Why do you catch on fire?

If a bomb explodes on fire you can catch on fire by a bomd

Can fire catch fire?

Fire is already on fire, thus fire cannot catch fire: it already is on fire.

Can farts catch on fire?

Farts can catch on fire

Can a baseball catch on fire?

It can be burnt, but not catch on fire.

How do you catch Articuno in fire red without master ball?

All u have 2 do is keep throwing ultra and great balls at it and then u will catch it

Why do marshmallows catch on fire?

the sugar in the marshmellows can catch fire

Do erasers catch on fire or melt?

An eraser Will catch on fire

How can you catch a rare Pokemon?


Can you fart and go on fire?

Your farts can catch fire, but impossible for the( farter) catch fire.

Should you catch a moltres with a marster ball in firered?

You could, but there are much harder Pokémon to catch in Fire Red, such as Mewtwo and whatever Legendary Beast you're able to catch. I'd save it.

On Pokemon FIRE RED how do you catch Pokemon with out fail?

You can catch Pokemon without fail if you use a Master Ball. A Master Ball has a 100% catch rate and is recognised by the "M" on the top half of the master ball. Some people say if you throw a normal pokeball an holding L, R and Select it will have around the same catch rate as a master ball though I tried it and it doesn't work.

What is the effect of heat on plants?

When plants are exposed to even slightly hot temperatures they begin to catch fire and explode in an earth shaking ball of fire and heat.

Can papper catch on fire in the microwave?

Yes, however it is difficult. It is unlikely that a single sheet of paper will catch fire, however, a stack of paper may. Also, a tightly, crumpled ball of a single sheet of paper can catch fire, whereas if it is loosely crumpled it is unlikely to catch fire. In the first case, a single sheet will not be able to capture enough microwave energy in order to heat, and also, it's very large surface area to weight ratio means that it will lose any heated gained very quickly to the cool outside. In the case of the crumpled ball, the three things that are necessary for fire to occur are a fuel, a source of ignition, and oxygen. When the ball is loosely crumpled the sheet may heat somewhat but it can't concentrate enough fuel in order to catch fire. However, if the ball is tightly crumpled the fuel can be concentrated and ignited.