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Yes, if they suck that bad.

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Q: Can seniors play JV basketball in Ohio?
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Can seniors play jv basketball?

It is not a common practice, but in my state (Georgia), there is no rule against it.

In NJ can a senior play JV basketball?


What is the Least about of players for JV basketball?

what is the least amount of players for JV basketball

What does double shirting mean in basketball?

To play for more than one team, such as JV AND varsity

Where can you find jv basketball statistics?

no-where I've been looking for the longest time Actually I get my stats, (I play Jv. basketball) at Look up your school and your name and if you are a decent school you will probably find your stats.. I found quite a few I didn't know they had so try it out.

How long is a quarter in a jv basketball game?

7 minutes

Can you gat scouted in the 11th grade playing jv basketball?

It is possible, but it is more difficult to get scouted as a junior on jv than on varsity.

How much play time can a high school JV player play in a Varsity game to be inelegible to play in JV games?

300 yeras

How much time per quarters in a JV Basketball game?

8 minutes

Can Varsity Players play JV in Ohio Girls Fast Pitch softball?

A player can play on either however they can only play the same total number of games the varsity plays. Example if the varsity team has a 20 game schedule the player can play no more than 20 games in total. So every JV game they play in will reduce the number of varsity games they can play in by 1.

What is the hoop height 4 jv girls?

The basketball hoop is 10 feet high.

How many juniors are allowed on a highschoo jv basketball team?

as many as the coach desires

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