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A regular household cleaner like Fantastic or 409 would work as would rubbing alcohol. Just make sure you wipe the ball enough to take any residue of the cleaner off the ball as residue might affect the roll of the ball. You might also try looking in the pro shop of your local Bowling establishment to see if they have something. They have products to clean, dull, and shine a ball. If you are looking to have the ball hook a little earlier on the lane you may want to try a duller. If you want the ball to hook a little later on the lane you may want to try a shiner. And you could always ask someone that works at the establishment for advice. They would ask the proper questions to find out exactly what you are looking for and want to do.

Take it to a bowling recreation center. They have those special machines that will effectively clean bowling balls and depending on how much you wish to spend, may put that new luster shine on it too.

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Yes, depending on the depth and type of scratch. Many pro shops have a ball spinner that they used different grits of wet sandpaper as well as different polishes to help resurface a bowling ball and remove (or purposely introduce) scratches.

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I'm guessing the scratch is no big deal but the scrape is a little deep, I can definitely feel it when I rub my finger across the ball.

Also, does anyone know what would cause something like this? As far as I can tell, I didn't do anything to damage the ball. Didn't drop it, hit the gutter hard, throw it down the lane, etc. But of course I'd like to prevent this from happening in the future if it's preventable.

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Every bowling center has a buffing machine that costs about a dollar.

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Q: Can scratches in a bowling ball be taken out?
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