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Generally, the answer is yes, as many college and NFL teams buy Schutt facemasks for their Riddell Revolutions or VSR-4 helmets. Schutt makes over 80% of the world's facemasks.

There are specific model Schutt facemasks that fit Revolutions, otherwise the traditional Schutt facemasks will fit the VSR-4 helmet and other Riddell helmets.

They can fit, but if you're like me and have a fat head, Schutt facemasks make Riddell helmets far too tight around the jaws. I am in the middle of customizing all of my Riddell VSR-4 helmets with Schutt facemasks ( like the pros) and have found that if you use Riddell thick bar clips with the Schutt facemasks, it makes a far better fit. I'm unaware if college and pro players do this, though.

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Q: Can schutt face-masks fit a riddell helmet?
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Can schutt facemasks fit on riddell helmets?

Yes almost all NFL players use a schutt face mask on a regular riddell helmet

Will a riddell facemask fit a schutt helmet?

Yes it will.

Can schutt facemasks fit rawlings helmets?

does schutt big grill facemask fit on a rawling helmet

Can riddell revolution facemasks fit on schutt helmets?

no. you need to find what kind of helmet you have, and what model and then there are specific face masks for those particular helmets.

Can schutt facemasks fit on Adams helmets?

Yes as long as the helmet is not a DNA or Schutt Ion4d or the Vengeance. All others as long as there from small to large... XL have a different fit slightly bigger but can still fit just look really large on the Helmet... Recapping, Riddell, Schutt, Adams sizes Small thru Large fix the matching sizes as long as there NOT a Dna, Schutt Ion4d or Vengeance. Youth sizes will have to be bought only for Youth helmets

Can a schutt facemask fit a ridell revolution helmet?

No. As you can see from pictures the two helmets have different ways of securing their face masks. Don't waste your money. and not all schutt facemasks fit all shutts too.

What facemasks fit on schutt helmets?

It depends Schutt makes face mask to fit on all there helmets but you have to be sure you are getting the right one. As DNA and Air xp helmet face mask are interchangeable. But the Ion 4d face mask are not.

Will a youth schutt face mask fit an adult schutt helmet?

no simple

Can a Riddell Revolution Face mask fit a Riddell Speed helmet?

Will Not FitNo, I have a Revolution Speed and the face mask is specially made to fit the helmet.

Does a schutt youth DNA facemask fit on a aduit DNA football helmet?

i need to know if Does a schutt youth DNA facemask fit on a aduit DNA football helmet?

Does the schutt t-DNA-ropo faceguard fit the schutt DNA recruit football helmet?


Does the nike visor fit the schutt air xp helmet?


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